There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Wilderness!

The wilderness is a place where mysterious begin. It's a dangerous and unsafe place for penguins to be. I've even written a story about the wilderness! PSA agents often explored the wilderness in the old missions! And now the EPF is moving into the wilderness to find Herbert's base, locate puffle chips and stop Herbert's plans! Herbert sure does like hiding in the wilderness! Anyway, have you ever wondered what was behind the ski village, near the mountains? Well, there are a few rivers, and if you zoom in a little...'ll see this! Behind the dojo and the volcano and waterfall, there is a huge river! EPF have set up camp in the wilderness, and there's a training course too! You can also ride along the river in boats! There are even some rapids, but behind the Ski Village and the Dojo, there is definitely lots of amazing things!
This is the EPF's base in the wilderness! Here you can work on the computers and plan your missions!
 Here are a few of the river rooms! You can see which puffles are under mind-control and digging in the areas!

 Wow! The rapids look amazing! Be careful you don't get whisked away into the whirlpool! The wilderness is a great mysterious place, and I bet there's lots of secrets in there that we've yet to uncover...

Smoothie Smash Glitch

I have been playing the Smoothie Smash game, to have a refreshing beverage while Operation Puffle is on, but I wasn't very good at the game! I made a few wrong moves, and ended up not gaining any coins, but getting -6000 coins!
It's a good job, the coins weren't actually taken away from me, but that would've been frustrating!

Heading to the migrator!

I've asked Rockhopper if I can stay on his ship while Operation Puffle is on, because it's very dark and I'm not too keen on having my puffles under mind-control, so I've brought them with me! But Rockhopper isn't too happy about it!

Operation Puffle is on now!

Hey everyone! Echo006 with some important news here! Operation: Puffle is on now! And here's what's happening: Herbert is using mind control helmets to force puffles to dig up coins and bring them back to Herbert using underground tunnels!

I think that Herbert needs all these coins for something. Maybe a machine that he's made to heat up the island, using the heat from the boiler room/ He'll have to insert the coins into the machine to get warmth, but why go through all this trouble? Couldn't we just give Herbert a nice house and a warm boiler?

My New Gold Puffle: Treasure

Hey everyone! It's Echo! I'm back and hopefully making a comeback to blogging! Sadly, I won't be able to post very often, but I'll try my best!

Anyway, here's some awesome news: I've adopted a gold puffle! And I've named him Treasure :)
 He has dug up so many coins! Plus, I've found loads of gold items, including Gold-D glasses, the gold lei, the gold car, gold bunny slippers and tons more as well as about 8 gold lava puddles!  He's a great dancer too!
I love my new puffle, Treasure!