There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Club Penguin Earth Day Preperations

Construction over at the Snow Forts is growing quickly! Penguins have planted pink seeds and they have started to grow. Oh wait, that's just the colours changing again :D I wonder how big these plants will grow. I'm sure that the Earth Day Party will look AWESOME...
I wonder what surprises hold instore for us. This Earth Day is going to be even GREENER than last year! Earth Day is a time, which is wonderful to celebrate so show your support by wearing animal costumes or dressing in green :D Only time will tell what plants will grow and what animals we will find...

Music Jam Season ~ Festival of Flight

As I promised, the Music Jam Season is back and I'm ready to spin some tunes! Today, I'll take a blast back to the past as we listen to the music when Club Penguin rised high into the sky, The Festival of Flight. Click the link below to listen to this groovy tune. Don't forget to come back tommorow for another tune...
Tune Of The Day 1: Festival Of Flight

Club Penguin Igloo Contest Winners Rare Items

As the Club Penguin Times issue stated, the penguins who won the Igloo Contest would recieve some free rare items! Unfortunatly, these are not as rare as I thought because I have four of them already, but the Moose Head I certainly haven't got!

Spy Phone Message from Dot!

EPF Agents, a new Spy Phone Message has arrived. All agents check your Spy Phones immediatly...
"I checked the arcade we loaded the fake message into. It hasn't been plugged in or tampered with. I have one more idea. G has your orders."
Why isn't anything happeneing yet? I hope Herbert comes along to the Recycling Plant, how are we meant to find out where he is? Everything is starting to get strange, maybe Herbert might ruin the Earth Day Party. Only time will tell...

Club Penguin Times #338

Since none of my authours are posting much, I'd be proud to present the winners of the craaaaaziest igloo contest and the Club Penguin Times issue! It's all packed inside, just click read more!

Beautiful Plants

Rockhopper's Beautiful Flowerplants are blooming once again! Head over to my igloo to see the wonderful plants. Why is the tree not blooming, I thought it was Spring? Not in Club Penguin, it's always winter here! Celebrate Earth Day with a wonderful surprise...
Earth Day is almost here, I hope Rockhopper's Plants will be in full bloom when the party starts. Together we can help endangered animals just by donating a little amount of our coins every year.

Club Penguin Field-Op #77

CLASSIFIED! EPF AGENTS ONLY :D Report to the Command Room for a secret surprise...

Club Penguin April 2012 Furniture Catalog

Hello fellow penguins, it's Echo006 making a short post about the new Furniture Catalog...
The April 2012 Furniture Catalog is out now! Be sure to head over to your igloo to find out what awesome items are in the new catalog. The Earth Day party is arriving soon, so get your decorations before it starts! A nice front cover with a penguin watering his plants, I can't wait to celeberate Earth Day!

April Igloo Contest Runner-Up Winners!

This is a message from Happy77:
Many of you have been asking who won the Crazy Igloo Contest. There were some amazingly wacky igloos out there! 
Here are a few of the contest runner-ups:

Fantastic job, penguins! Make sure you check out the next issue of the Club Penguin Times to see which lucky penguins won the contest!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Fan Art

Over at the Community Page some silly and wacky Fan Art has been posted!

May 2012 Furniture Catalog EXCLUSIVES

Hey furniture desginers! Thanks to Trainman1405's AWESOME swf searching we now know that Club Penguin has already made furniture for the May 2012 Furniture Catalog! Here is a list:
Floor Items
  • Short Mushrooms for 150 coins
  • Tall Mushrooms for 250 coins
  • Bridge of Destiny for 400 coins
  • Vine Swing for 350 coins
  • Wishing Well for 200 coins
  • Royal Throne for 650 coins
  • Scorn Statue for 600 coins
  • Maiden Shruberry for 550 coins
  • Fluffy Shrubbery for 500 coins
  • Knightly Shruberry for 550 coins
Wall Items
  • Kingdom Flag for 50 coins
  • Dragon Flag for 50 coins
  • Sky Flag for 50 coins
  • Village Flag for 50 coins
  • Scorn Flag for  50 coins
  • Fairy Woods Flag for 50 coins
  • Wizard Flag for 50 coins
  • Whispy Clouds for 100 coins
  • Fun Fungus for 100 coins
Are you excited for this items? Which one are you looking to?


Hey there penguins! I'm Woddylan! I will be helping Echo006 when he needs help. Click here to view my very own blog so you can get to know me :D I'll be posting some updates very soon, keep waddling!

The Mysterious Ninja Part 6 - My Stories and Adventures

Before reading the last part of my story, click here to view what has happened so far if you haven't already seen or if you just want to recap what has happened!
...I rushed down from the Attic and out into the Ski Village. Time goes so quick! In fact, it went so fast that the Puffle Party was being preparedright now! Who had prepared it? All the other penguins were trapped behind a rock, or somewhere with the Mysterious Ninja, so how come there were boxes all over the island? I thought that if I relaxed at the pool, maybe I wouldn't be so scared...

Wacky Inverted Rooms!

Here are some Wacky Inverted Coloured rooms from the April Fools Party! If you didn't know already, Penguiin23 is doing a great job on working on the blog, so I'd like to hire a few more authours to post while I am busy like this week. If you want to, just post in a comment why you'd like to be an authour and your e-mail address so I can send you the authour e-mail! Enjoy these wonderful coloured rooms inverted by the Mysterious Ninja...

Easter Egg Hunt Clues!

This egg's hidden
In a bright bright place
This party is certainly
Going to be Ace!
Disco Divas love to dance
But where are they found
I'll take a glance
Make sure to check
Near a far away place
That is certainly ace!
The keeper will be dancing all night
So don't be scared when he gives you a fright!
Above the speaker, he is found
And sometimes underground!
Although the lights have changed colour
The Mysterious Ninja won't be near
He'll be watching though
And ready to hear...

Quite a riddle this clue is! Something to do with disco divas and a keeper of a room with a Mysterious Ninja. If you've read some of my stories you might want to check there. But remember, what place is the riddle describing? And why has it changed colours? Very mysterious...