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Easter Egg Hunt Clues!

This egg's hidden
In a bright bright place
This party is certainly
Going to be Ace!
Disco Divas love to dance
But where are they found
I'll take a glance
Make sure to check
Near a far away place
That is certainly ace!
The keeper will be dancing all night
So don't be scared when he gives you a fright!
Above the speaker, he is found
And sometimes underground!
Although the lights have changed colour
The Mysterious Ninja won't be near
He'll be watching though
And ready to hear...

Quite a riddle this clue is! Something to do with disco divas and a keeper of a room with a Mysterious Ninja. If you've read some of my stories you might want to check there. But remember, what place is the riddle describing? And why has it changed colours? Very mysterious...


  1. Egg on Mysterious Ninja Part 4!

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