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May 2012 Furniture Catalog EXCLUSIVES

Hey furniture desginers! Thanks to Trainman1405's AWESOME swf searching we now know that Club Penguin has already made furniture for the May 2012 Furniture Catalog! Here is a list:
Floor Items
  • Short Mushrooms for 150 coins
  • Tall Mushrooms for 250 coins
  • Bridge of Destiny for 400 coins
  • Vine Swing for 350 coins
  • Wishing Well for 200 coins
  • Royal Throne for 650 coins
  • Scorn Statue for 600 coins
  • Maiden Shruberry for 550 coins
  • Fluffy Shrubbery for 500 coins
  • Knightly Shruberry for 550 coins
Wall Items
  • Kingdom Flag for 50 coins
  • Dragon Flag for 50 coins
  • Sky Flag for 50 coins
  • Village Flag for 50 coins
  • Scorn Flag for  50 coins
  • Fairy Woods Flag for 50 coins
  • Wizard Flag for 50 coins
  • Whispy Clouds for 100 coins
  • Fun Fungus for 100 coins
Are you excited for this items? Which one are you looking to?

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