There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Rockhopper's Quest Funny Pictures

Over at the Funny Pictures page, I've added a few more pictures of Rockhopper's Quest. Check out this funny picture from Dinosaur Island...
That's what you get for stealing a gem
There's tons more to make you LOL over at the Funny Pictures Page. New pictures are added every few weeks and there's still more Rockhopper's Quest pictures to come! Stay tuned...

I'm New To Club Penguin BUG!

I logged into Club Penguin today and I ended up in the room where you land when you are new to Club Penguin. I have been on Club Penguin for 4 whole years, and have never experienced being in this room! I like that I can explore, but I am NOT new to Club Penguin! BUG! Click to: Chat, Emote, Dance, and Throw Snowballs

Rockhopper's Quest Fan Art

Check out these drawings from Rockhopper's Quest! Click on the image to view a bigger picture...
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art
Great Artwork! I love how everybody has drawn Rockhopper in their own unique style! Here you can Submit Fan Art or See More


Echo006's Igloos

This is my favorite igloo of all time, my garden igloo. All the plants and flowers look so beautiful with the contrast of colours. The puffles have lots of room to play inside the igloo while the garden grows ever so tall. From tomatoes, watermelons, flowers, rocks, trees, a koi fish and more, this igloo has to be the best ever igloo I have lived in.
...I have many more igloos to show you that are very beautiful indeed. I can't believe how many igloos I have lived in, in the past! Check out this Cozy Cottage Igloo with a bunch of awesome plants. There's still loads more epic igloos below...

Reviewed By You: Rockhopper's Quest

This is a message from Happy77:


In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked what your message would be to the kids we support through Coins for Change. I liked Wysteria03's comment: 

Hi, I'm soo happy we raised enough coins to donate $2 million to various charities! This is my message... I'm soo happy we could help you. I'm also glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. The best Christmas present I had, was knowing that my coins would make someone else happy, that, I feel, was the best present of all! Giving IS better than receiving! We can change the lives of others by our actions, and Coins for Change is a way to do it. 

Thanks for your nice comments, everyone! 

In other news... As many of you know, Rockhopper's Quest is happening right now! So I'd like to know... What is your favorite part of the Quest so far? 

Stay tuned for another Reviewed By You coming soon! I'll feature one of your comments next time and you'll even receive a coin bonus of 10,000 on your account if your comment is featured!

Waddle On! :) 

-Club Penguin Team

Music Jam Season Day 10

Today for the Music Jam Season, I wanted to do something different. The music today is unknown, as nobody knows what the name of the song is. It is releated to Club Penguin, as usual but I'm asking YOU, to come up with the most creative name for this peice of music. Just post your answer in a comment below and if you have an awesome idea that I like, then a coin code or a membership could be yours! The comments will be published after a few days so everybody in different time zones has a chance to enter. Good Luck!

Tune Of The Day 10: Unknown Music

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy

Playing with Dinosaurs at Dinosaur Island is really fun! I love the items at the shop, but look! A spy phone message! Who could it be from?

The Mysterious Ninja Part 2 - My Stories and Adventures

Previously, on my latest story I was being followed by a mysterious ninja and all the colours of the rooms were changed! A big whole was being dug up from the Plaza and this Ninja was getting away with it! Not so fast! I was waddling away as quick as possible. Check out what happened and read on:
I rushed as far as I could over to the end of the island. This penguin had to be crazy, I didn't know what he was doing at all! I took one look at the Beach and was shocked with horror. The island was tipping! This ninja obviously wanted to spoil Club Penguin. What on earth was he doing?

Rockhopper's Quest Login Screen

When logging in to Club Penguin, you will be faced with a Login Page. This has a screen which shows the latest events. Check out this awesome Login Screen picture of Rockhopper and his crew...
Look at Yarr looking ever so cute next to the wooden board. Brave the Dangers of Shipwreck Island! Rockhopper's Quest :D 12 Days left...

Club Penguin Youtube Background Update

Every new party, Club Penguin usually updates their youtube background, this time it is decorated for Rockhopper's Quest. One time I had a penguin steal my image of the youtube background, that is why it is watermarked :D
I love the details of Rockhopper and the islands in the background. I wonder what the background will look like for the Puffle Party :D Time will tell...

Penguin Poll - Rockhopper's Quest

The Penguin Poll has been updated! Rockhopper's Quest has begub! Which island is your favorite?

Rockhopper's Quest Banner Update

Check out the cool new Rockhopper's Quest Banner animation that you can add to YOUR blog or website!
...And check out the smaller banner with another awesome animation of the all-new quest out now on Club Penguin...
Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

I LOVE the fact that Club Penguin update these awesome banners to the party that is going on in Club Penguin at the time. THANKS Club Penguin for these EPIC animations...

Club Penguin Times Issue #331

Check out this totally awesome pirate-filled fun issue with an exclusive interview from Rockhopper...

Rockhopper's Quest Pins

If you successfully arrive at Shipwreck Island you can set up the Beacon and then you will recieve a Shipwreck Beacon pin...

Field-Op #70

Time to take a break from sailing and complete Field-Op #70...

Rockhopper's Quest Guide

Sorry this guide is a bit late, but Club Penguin gave me a ton of bugs causing me not to be able to post about it. Firstly, you will need to grab a hat and sign yourself up as a crew member at the Beach. Unfortunately, one of the bugs was that I could not pick up this hat!

Music Jam Season Day 9

Get Groovy with some more awesome tunes! Many of you may not know these cool tunes as they are played in the Club Penguin Wii Game! Click the link below to listen to the all-new Game Day Music...
Tune Of The Day 9: Game Day

Featured Fashions: February 22

This is a message from Happy77:

You nominated some super stylish penguins! Check out some of my favorites:
Pendude2000 said: "I saw this guy Wolf 146, he wears awesome outfits sometimes he wears vampire wizard costumes."

Wolf 146_2.jpg

Coins For Change Book

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
Happy77 here. Last month we asked you to tell us what you'd like say to the kids we're supporting around the world through Coins For Change. We got such great responses from you that we decided to do something really cool... 


Music Jam Season Day 8

Hey there! I'm Stompin' Bob from the Penguin Band and I'm here to show you one of my favourite tunes! I remember back when I played my first ever igloo music, Jazz Music. Here's my favourite piece of music from Club Penguin...

Tune Of The Day 8: Jazz Igloo Music

Music Jam Season Day 7

Ah, Grasshopper. Now is the time to relax with a spice of music. Card-Jitsu began long ago when I refurbished the Dojo. Many penguins have come so far in becoming a Ninja, some have even mastered the elements. Fire, Water and Snow. If you would like to become a Ninja head over to the Dojo on a full server. Now sit back and listen to my favourite type of music. Card-Jitsu...

Tune Of The Day 7: Card-Jitsu

Featured Igloos - February 20

This is a message from Happy77:


Check out some of the brilliant igloos you found this week! We love seeing all the different creative ways you decorate your homes. 

Rocky3818 said: "I LOVE my friend's igloo Iceboy3818 igloo! Its SO cool! It is Rockhopper Island, complete with a cream soda sea, The Migrator, a bunch of beautiful Palm Trees, Treasure EVERYWHERE, a "Mermaid Cove", and the best ROCKHOPPER! Oh I almost forgot, it even has special island music playing! You guys should really check it out! Waddle On!"

Iceboy3818.jpgBricko3 said: "Hey Happy77! Check out Dsi Lover's Igloo! It's a really "sweet" because it's made of CANDY!!!! There's even Gumdrop Trees and Jujubes!"

Music Jam Season Day 6

Hello penguins! I am Gary The Gadget Guy, as you can see by my name I invent many different gadgets for some top secret services! I have created many things that you find on Club Penguin, including the Pizzatron 3000 and the Jet-Pack! I remember when the island was sinking I made sure that we survived. We went high up into the sky on a Hot Air Balloon to the Tallest Mountain. I remember that room and that is my favourite music. Click the link to listen to it below:

Tune Of The Day 6: Festival Of Flight

Rockhopper's Quest Sneak Peek

Happy77 has posted the Rockhopper's Quest Video Sneak Peek! Click the video below to watch it...
Wow! We can now finally start to see a bigger picture of the upgraded ship. What do you think we will find? Time will tell...

Music Jam Season Day 5

I'm back and todays music is going to be a little bit different. April Fools may be still a long way to come, but the music is totally awesome and was once used in a Club Penguin Video on the old homepage with never used to get updated. Click the link below to listen to this cool Club Penguin music...
Tune Of The Day 5: April Fools