There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Meet Rookie

Greetings Penguins!

I hope you've been enjoying all the Fair games and have been collecting all the prizes.

Rookie has been spotted around the island. So if you haven't had a chance to meet him yet, keep reading to find out some times and servers you might be able to meet him this weekend.


Friday 21 - 5:00pm Penguin Standard Time - Powder Ball
Saturday 22 - 10:00am Penguin Standard Time - Marshmallow
Sunday 23 - 10:00am Penguin Standard Time - Ice Box

Waddle On! :)

Plus, you can also attend the French Rookie meetings!
Saturday 22nd - 3:00am PST ~ Mousqueton
Saturday 22nd ~ 6:00am PST ~ Yeti
Sunday 23rd ~ 7:00am PST ~ Jour de Neige

Elite Body Armour!

Have you got the Elite Body Armour yet?

Ghosts? This has gone way too far!

Skeletons, ghosts, freaky pumpkins, halloween! It's all crazy. I mean, what is the point in it? Just knocking on someones door for candy dressed up like a monster. You look stupid ~ we always put a no trick-or-treat sign on our door. But the only good part about halloween is Club Penguin. CP's Halloween Party is way better ~ it's got proper scary stuff this year. And time travelling! Whoops, too much information...
...But becoming a ghost is just way too far. That means killing ourselves right? Because you can't be a ghost if your alive. Soo, enough with the ghosts ~ I'll tell you this. If we can time travel doesn't that mean we would become a ghost? Because if we go to the dinosaurs we won't exist so we would have to be ghosts? Just making my point and putting it out there :)

Rookie on server Crunch!

Today, at 4PM British Standard Time, I met Rookie! I took about 40 photos of it all and I got some good close ups with me and Rookie. I'll send some of the best to the Club Penguin Magazine and see if I get published. So, first of all (I got there about a minute late) I found Rookie at the Beach, or rather he found me! We slowly progressed around the island and it finished at the Iceberg but that room was full so I couldn't make it in there. I think that Rookie can get into full rooms :) Let's start at the beach!
 ...This is Rookie's Playercard! We sang a farm song called Old Mac Sensei :)
 ...E I E I O! On that farm he had a...pig!
 Penguins forgot how to add Rookie however he didn't accept my request :(
 Singing the song again...
 Rookie waddled to the Dock but it was full when I got there so I headed to the room after, The Town!
...There he is! Let's go for a snowball fight...
 A close up of Rookie dancing...
 Here he comes!
 ...Then Rookie waddled through the Town and into the snow forts for a snowballfight!
...Rookie was amazed at all the penguins!
 ...Rookie said we should team up for the snowball fight.
 Hello Everyone! Rookie swapped sides :)
 Rookie Team is over there!
 ...Close up! Oops I traded sides! It's Rookie...
 Super Close Up ~ Rookie is RIGHT next to me :)
 Rookie continued through the Plaza and to the Forest :) We all told jokes to him.
 Wow! What a crowd ~ can you spot Rookie in these pictures?
 Another close up! Rookie said that the circus was awesome and I'm right next to him again.
 Welcome to the Puffle Circus. Penguins spotted them after searching for years...
 Wow! Rookie is very famous ~ everybody seems to be following him.
A guy asked for penguins to spot talking so they could see Rookie. I agree ~ it was very hard to find him and his playercard.
 Another close up! Me and Rookie together ~ here comes the brown puffle!
 We played a game a bit like Simon says called Rookie says. I've played this game with Cadence and Rockhopper!
 Rookie says...
 Whoops! I got it wrong ~ he tricked me...
 Rookie says go mad! All the penguins put there maddest face on ~ they all look the same...
 MAD MAD MAD! Penguins were going crazy!
 Throw a snowball at me! Hmm, I threw one without thinking.
 Teehee! He tricked me, but then he forgot the rules! Lets play again...
 Cluck like a chicken ~ I was the only one who did ~ he never said Rookie says...
 ...SIT! Everybody sat down immediatly.
 Then, penguins crowded Rookie in the corner.
 Lets play you say! I have no idea what that game is...
 Rookie spotted a clown and found somewhere to hide...
 Behind a rock! Oh no, the clown is going to juggle! FARTS...
 NOOO! It's juggling ~ we all HATE clowns.
 There we go! The perfect hiding spot in the corner.
Sadly, Rookie moved to the Iceberg which was full and then left the server. It was fun to meet him again! Did you see Rookie today on server crunch? I don't think he did much wrong ~ there's no disaster at the fair yet...we'll just have to wait and see :) 

Super Spoilers!

WARNING! This post contains many spoilers. If you do not wish to read then please scroll down to the next post and don't click read more! Thanks to Trainman1405 for being able to find all these swfs and everything! Click here to view his awesome website which I am Penguin Of The Week on :) Now, he has found something very interesting. We are going to be able to go back to the past and to the future! Tell your friends, spread the word! I have been expecting a new puffle for a while and the snowstorm as Penguiin23 says. There could be a blackout and some penguin changes everything. Or we could take this puffle to the future and it becomes a ghost puffle! Like the logout screen ~ it said become a ghost so do you think if you went to 2006 you'd become a ghost? Because you don't exist yet, right? I'm not too sure how the ninjas will appear from the snowstorm ~ In my fact file I said there would be a storm, like the fire storm and the uh waterstorm. So, if you want to find out read what Gary will say at the party. 3D Technolgy! Plus, today I got 40,000 hits! Thanks everyone ~ there will be a coin code giveaway soon ;)
Great scott!
Oh my!
I have wonderful news everyone!
Good news everyone!
Did you hear the news?
I have been to the future!
I invented a time machine…
…called the Time Trekker
I used the Time Trekker!
I was experimenting with time travel…
And I wound up in the future!
The future is a fascinating place!
The future is a very different place!
There’s new technology everywhere
Many rooms are upgraded
I saw many wondrous things
New rooms!
New 3D technology!
New dance moves!
The future seems quite amazing
The future is a fascinating place
That is why I want to go back
I wish to go back to the future!
I intend to go back to the future
But this time I want the future to come to us
I want everyone to see the future
I want to bring everyone with me
Will you help me scientists?
Will you help me set up my time machine?
Will you join my team of scientists?
Are you ready to join my team of scientists?
Everyone who helps set up my time machine…
…will earn the rank of Time Scientist!
…and a nifty lab coat
…and everyone who becomes a scientist…
…may join me in my Time Lab
…may use the Time Trekker
Just make sure not to cause a paradox
A paradox is an unresolved causality in time space
in other words…
…Don’t go back in time and play jokes on yourself
You might destroy the universe
The universe is surprisingly fragile
Head over to the Future Dome…
…for a peek into the future!
I have set up displays of the future…
…in the Future Dome!
Take a look around
See for yourself
There are lots of interesting gadgets in here
What do you think?
Isn’t the future fascinating?
Alright let’s go!
Follow me everyone
Stay close at hand
Accompany me
Let us expedite our progress!
Come this way!
Step lively everyone
Let us continue
This way
Over here
We must go to the Ski Village
We must depart for the Beach
Let us head to the Dock
Let us proceed to the Town
Follow me to the Snow Forts
To the the Plaza!
Scientists! Follow me into the Future Dome
Come with me into my laboratory
Into the Time Trekker!
What’s this?
Which way is it?
Which way do we go?
Does anyone know the way?
Time Lasers
Let’s get to work
In order to travel to the future…
…we need to create a local temporal distortion…
…and collapse the wave function intentionally
In other words…
…we need to zap Club Penguin with Time Lasers
Isn’t science fun?
Isn’t science wonderful!
First things first
Let’s get started
Let’s set up the Time Lasers
We need Time Lasers all over the island
Right here’s a good spot!
Initiate the Time Laser implementation!
Err, I mean
Install the Time Laser!
That’s it!
Nice work!
Exceptional engineering, my colleagues!
Don’t drop it!
You might initiate a resonance cascade!
You might cause a burp in the fabric of time and space
That would be very bad
It would be like every orange puffle in the universe burping…
…at the same time
It would be very smelly
Also, it would destroy the universe
Alright, one down!
Alright, that’s two down!
Okay, three down…
…two more to go!
Alright, one more to go!
That’s all of them!
Fantastic progress everyone!
You have all earned the rank of Scientist!
Now put on your lab coats…
…and let’s head to the laboratory
Let us continue our experiments
Looking sharp everyone
I’ve always enjoy wearing a lab coat…
…it’s stylish, but also functional
These coats can handle temperatures of 5000 degrees kelvin
That’s very very hot
Remember everyone
Today will be yesterday, tomorrow!
Future Dome
Behold the Future Dome!
Behold tomorrow!
Here you will find a special peek at things to come
I’ve set up a few displays…
…of some of the neato things coming in the future
Over there is the Time Trekker…
…My custom made Time Machine
Why did I make the Time Machine out of a Snow Trekker?
The way I see it, if you’re going to construct a time machine…
…why not do it with some panache?
Over here we have displays of the Town and Plaza
They look a LOT different in the future
They look a lot better, if I do say so myself
Over at the Scantron 3D…
…you can check out how you’ll look in the future
It uses the latest Tri-Dimensional composition
That means it makes you look, umm…
…more 3D, I suppose
This is the Time Trekker
Did you know it takes at least one point twenty one gigawatts to power it?
Time Travel takes a lot of juice!
Feel free to check out the inside
Feel free to take it for a spin
Just be careful not to create a paradox
If you see yourself in the past or future…
…avoid eye contact
Talking to yourself will probably destroy the universe
Just ignore that handsome fellow
Just ignore that stylish lady
You’ll be doing everyone a favor
Over here we have the Time Laser Demo
Would you like to see it in action?
I’m quite eager to try it
I’ve never worked with lasers so powerful
But I’m 89% sure they’re safe to use
If you have safety goggles, I advise using them
Safety first!
Alright, let’s begin
Full power to the Time Lasers
Did you see that?
That was fantastic!
That was exceptional!
Science is significantly engaging!
Alright, into the Time Trekker
Let us embark on a voyage through time
Shall we take a trip through time?
Alright, hold on tight!
Everyone ready?
It’s time to go back to the past!
It’s time to go back to the future!
It’s time to go back to the present!
Make it so!
Full power to the Time Displacer!
Main chronological disruptor on!
Engage the flux drive
And awaaaaaay we go!
I wonder where we are?
According to the historicalizer…
…we’re in the stone age!
…we’re in ancient Pengypt
…we’re back in the Holiday Party of 2006!
…we’re back during the Submarine Party of 2006!
…we’re somewhere in the near future
…we’re somewhere in the not so near future
…we’re in the very distant future!
Did you see that!
Ahh! Look out!
We have to depart immediately!
Don’t move!
Its vision is based on movement!
Did you see that?!?
That puffle that just bounced by…
…it was like nothing I had ever seen
Did we just discover a new kind of puffle!
Everyone take notes!
What a fascinating creature
I am intrigued
Does anyone have a camera?
We need to take pictures
For science!
Oh my!
I’m detecting strange weather phenomena
The temperature outside the Trekker is plummeting
I’ve never seen readings this cold
This cold is almost…
I wonder what’s causing it
Can you make out anything in that snow storm
We best be on our way
Look at the future!
Look at the technology!
I can’t wait for the distant future to become the present
I do so enjoy future technology
Imagine all the things we could discover here
What sorts of inventions do you think they have here?
I think they have…
…automatic beak cleaners
…self-cleaning lab coats
…self-pouring coffee mugs
…self inventing gadgets!
On second thought, I hope they don’t have that…
…that could be inventors out of work
Well we should probably continue
Can’t spend all day in the future…
…even when you have a time machine
This is my Time Laboratory
I’ve been conducting my experiments in here
Here are some other inventions from the future
The friend bot demonstrates the latest friend technology
Try stepping into this pod
Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all
It might tickle a little though
This is the Time Laser prototype
The Time Laser 1000
I don’t recommend getting too close
The first version of my inventions are always a little unpredictable
This Time Laser will probably just turn you into something else…
…like a badger
…like a telephone pole
…like a hairbrush
…like a ham sandwich
…like a top hat
…like a cheese pizza
It never worked quite right
But I’m 94% sure the new Time Lasers work great!
Of course, we won’t know until we turn them on
What fun!
I can’t wait to find out!
Is anyone interested in performing some experiments?
Step over to my lab…
Step over to my bench…

Triple Scoop Pin Location

Pins can be very hard to find, but they're aren't that many rooms that they could be hidden in. For example, non are hidden in the Command Room as not all penguins can access it. The same goes for the Ninja Hideout and member rooms. So watch out, because this pin is in a nice warm relaxing place where you can settle down and play Find Four ~ The Ski Lodge.

Fair Tickets Reviewed By You

As I type this, my dog is sitting on my lap watching the screen and licking my fingers everytime I touch the keyboard. Here's a quick message from Happy77...
Greetings Penguins!

In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked what igloo items you'd like to see in a future catalog. Here's one we like from Smarticles52:

I would love to see a playground set. (swings, slide, teeter totter, merry-go-round) That kind of stuff would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
Hope the clup penguin team can make it happen!!!
P.S. What about a roller coaster???

Waddle On CP!!!!

Fair in game.pngThe Fair has started! And I've seen a ton of you playing games and earning tickets. So, this week we want to know: What are your top tips for earning Fair tickets?

We'll pick one comment to feature in our next Reviewed By You. The lucky penguin will also receive 10,000 coins in their account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Field-Op 100

It seems I was wrong! Rookie has done a tiny amount of damage, but not before the EPF could fix it. Shame, If I'd known that the whole island could of exploded I wouldn't of completed the field-op. I guess that's kind of an exaggertation but here it is: Field-Op 100 the first ever three digit field op to be completed.
...Gary will give you your 100th message from him (unless you haven't completed them all) and it seems Gary doesn't trust Rookie as much as you'd think. Actually, Gary, one of the fair games wasn't right for me this morning ~ it kept coming up with a load of words that meant nothing like in them swf files.

...This is very bright and flashy, but it isn't the field-op! It took me ages to find the real sign, but they still all shouldn't be working well if one of them wasn't. It couldn't just be one on it's own.

Lots of flashy lights here! How about that big one over there, it says uh it's too bright for me to read.

 ...Location Found! But it's the same field-op as last week. Boring! CP Should create a NEW Field-Op.
 ...It should look something like this and if it doesn't well, it's a bug.
 Actually, I don't think I was exaggerating. Penguiin23 said in his predictions post that there would be a blackout and it'd be all dark and spooky for Halloween but that comes next week, right? With the storm which will turn into a snow storm, right? Don't say I didn't warn you. If I'm correct them remember!