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Penguiin23’s Predictions for September

Here is a nice little post about the upcoming predictions for the rest of the months left:)

As said Club Penguin Team member Polo Field there is a LOT planned for the upcoming months related for the game (September, October, November and December) ….I was wondering what would happen to the snowy island until today Club Penguin blogger Trainman1405 made an interesting post… 

This year Club Penguin’s wackiest and craziest character Rookie is coming to the cold island and that means troubles! Just looking at the past Rookie has made troubles like…in April 2011 he opened up random dimensions…in January 2012 he sank the island with anvils so it would be no surprise for this September….Rookie has said many about balloons for the upcoming Fair. He said BE BLOWN AWAY AND THE FAIR IS IN THE AIR soooo could it be that Club Penguin will rise to the skies again like in the Festival of Flight? And that could be a very good move for Disney to sponsor it with the movie “UP” since it was not very famous…If that would happen I would love it and it could bring back some rare items like the Jetpack, Balloon Arch Background, etc. Also check out the party slogan “Crash the Party” so would it POSSIBLY be that Herbert will wake up because of the cold airs above and try to crash Club Penguin back? And eventually have fun with the fair, maybe the adventure could be just for members?

If the crash would happen then a major consequence would happen…maybe a whole BLACKOUT for the whole island since energy power was hit…that would be the long awaited EPF Mission everyone wanted….but the blackout would be more awesome if it was a fail and would stay for the upcoming October month there would be complete darkness for the island as Halloween is related to that! Very good storyline:0

Now for November…if you have some memories since 2009 every November month has something to do with NINJAS and since there would be complete darkness for the island why wouldn’t Club Penguin bring the awesome SHADOW NINJAS as darkness is related to shadows and that’s how the story would end…

So far I have nothing planned for the Holiday Party…could it be that Santa would grant Club Penguin the wish to bring the power back…I don’t know…let’s see:)

Remember this is all Predictions and my way of seeing what would happen to the island…so long:D

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