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The Fair 2012

Let's face it ~ this year's fair is pretty much exactly the same as last year except you can save your tickets, there are different prizes and non-members can enter the circus. All the rooms are the same, all the furniture is the same for our igloos and most of the prizes are the same except the clown items. Most of you won't know that, but I already have them so it's not much of a new improvement. There's no disaster from Rookie yet and everything seems normal. Do you agree with me? I'd prefer it if there was a new game to play to earn tickets but no, all the same. But thats what Fairs are ~ they don't change the items and it only comes once a year so I guess it's time to have a little bit of fun and earn some tickets for the sake of it.
So, you know the drill ;) Play games, earn tickets, spend them, watch the puffles and feed the animals at the beach. If you haven't been to a fair before, don't worry ~ you'll soon catch up.

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