There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ The Plan Unfolds

The voice was just inside my head. If I was being honest, I was totally scared. I was trying to think of something to say to Herbert, but I couldn't. I had lost it completely. Cliky Minty comforted me.
"It'll be ok. We'll escape, somehow. Don't worry!" She said, calmly. We stepped into Herbert's cave and to our surprise, there was a large bottle of hot sauce and Herbert's older failed machine - that's why I found the plans flying about! There was still a hole where we had escaped, but Herbert didn't seem to notice that.
"The whole point," he started, "of my plan, was to let you escape!"
"Oh yeah right. I bet this is all Plan B," Polo Field replied.
"Believe whatever," Herbert started again, "this isn't my actual cave. You'll notice that this cave is inside a mountain. And if I press this button, you'll see what I mean!" He pressed the button, and we knew what to expect. He had made a giant cave out of all of Club Penguin's mountains. The tallest mountain, twin mountains - all of them. Kluzty was here too. He had stacked tons of pizzas up in a pile.
"Anyway," he said, "Before I tie you up, I suppose I better tell you my plan. As I was saying before, I had stolen the EPF technology, and whatever. The next part of the plan is the deadly part. It was very cunning and mischeivious but I got away with it. I need you all. That's why you're here. Otherwise, you'd be running away for your life right now. But no, you are the biggest part to play in my plan. Without you, it won't work. I decided that after failing Operation Blackout, I might as well give up. But I still had one plan left to destroy your island. Heating it up won't work. Getting rid of the sun won't work. Sinking the island won't work. Making earthquakes, all sorts - failed. So I decided to go extreme. I stole all the Hot Sauce on Club Penguin, while you were up in the clouds. It was actually easier than I thought, ever since you redecorated the Pizza Parlor, you put it in one giant bottle! With this hot sauce, I will pour it all over Club Penguin from this mountain, which has the perfect view of everything, therefore causing the whole island to BURN! So, at midday, you all will broadcast on live Club Penguin TV that you are going to do this. Nobody will trust you, and of course, they'll all run for their lives. The hot sauce will cover everything and then your precious island will be destroyed. Even these mountains. I'm getting rid of it all. Then, when you've all quickly escaped to another island, I'll make this into a beach. I've got a truck load of sand, ready to set out. Then, I'll use my old plan and bring all the sunlight onto me, in my new paradise. It's perfect. No penguins. No snow. Warm and sunny. Nothing can stop me now!" I was about to cry. The whole island would be destroyed, all the penguins would leave by boats, and we'd be the blame!

The Marvel War Begins

Hey there! It's me, Echo! I'm writing from a super secret base. I'm hiding away, far out in the wilderness. So deep down that it's hard to get a phone signal to post this! The marvel war has begun and I have already witnissed many things. Penguins and puffles are in danger. I've escaped to the wilderness for a few days, so I won't be able to keep in touch. Hopefully, by Sunday I should be back and ready. Anyway, have fun collecting crystals, controlling robots, throwing snowball power bombs and all sorts :) If anybody wishes to join me, I'm in the west side of the wilderness by the o-berrie tree, and I'm making a plan, and experimenting with different powers and abilities! I hope to show you what I've come up with soon, but the reception is terrible here, so bye for now :)

New App To Be Free ~ Out May 9th

If you're wondering when the new app is coming out, Spike Hike mentions on Twitter that it's only a few weeks away!

Plus, it's going to be free!
I seriously cannot wait for this new app ~ I'm going to be playing it all the time, especially as we can earn so many coins on it - I've seen the games, Puffle Rescue is on there and that gives you about 20,000 coins! :)

My Newest Puffle ~ Crazy

Over the past few months, I have been saving up many different unlockable codes so I can unlock many different items. From 7 day memberships to coin codes, I have a wide variety of magazine items and puffle wigs! Since it was Earth Day, I decided I needed a new puffle - Crazy. Well, Crazy had ran away before (when I was very young and didn't know how to look after puffles) so I got him back! I gave him a nice new hair cut to celebrate Earth Day! Green, green and green. Sadly, to make room for another puffle I had to send PJ to a new owner. I still visit him though! PJ just didn't really like my igloo...

...So that's my new puffle, Crazy! He looks a bit crazy, doesn't he? Plus, I'll be getting three more hats later on bringing my unlocked hats to a total of 9! Therefore 3 puffles will have normal hats until I can find something for them :) So far I have red wig, yellow wig, black wig, green wig, frankenpuffle hat and the pharoh hat! Soon I will make room for three new puffles (possibly the same name as the current ones - I'll just swap them, because I honestly cannot look after more than 12) with hats like the sleeping hat, disco hat and the viking hat! Stay tuned for more puffle hats on my blog ;)

The My Penguin App

Hello Penguins!
I’ve had a secret that I’ve wanted to share this everyone for almost a year... Today I can finally share it with you!
Some of you may have seen me show up occasionally in the Friends list from a place called "My Penguin." A few of you guessed that it may be a secret Club Penguin app on mobile... You were right!!!
I’m excited to tell you that our new iPad app is coming soon!

The first version of "My Penguin" will let you play some of your favorite mini-games, shop from the catalog, and change your Penguin's outfit . The app is totally connected to Club Penguin, so your Penguin, clothing and coins will be shared whether on mobile or the web.
That’s just the beginning, too… We'll be updating the app regularly and bringing more of the Club Penguin world to the app throughout the year!! Stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates on “My Penguin”!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Penguin Of The Day

Hello Penguins!
Polo Field here... with another Penguin of the Day! Hope everyone had a great Earth Day. Did you do anything special for the environment yesterday?
A member of the Club Penguin Team told me about someone that's been doing a lot to help the environment in their local community. This penguin has raised money to help endangered animals, and helped raise awareness for autistic children... Congratulations, Thruthenite! I've added 5000 coins to your account for being our Penguin of the Day.
Thanks for being helpful and caring in your community. I love your epic superhero costume...

We love hearing about helpful penguins like Thruthenite. If you want to nominate someone who you think deserves to be Penguin of the Day, let us know more about them! Contact us here:
Until next time... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Meeting Herbert

Herbert, a large polar bear, was standing in my igloo. The EPF's worst enemy had managed to steal the EPF files, trick Aunt Arctic and now he had us. We were the agents he needed. He had been after us, and for a good reason. On the bright side, I finally had Herbert's stamp! He stood there scowling.
"What are you penguins looking at?" came Eric's voice from Herbert's mouth.
"HERBERT! How did you get here?" Polo shouted. Herbert looked down at his feet.
"Ok then, Elite Penguin Fools. Let's get this straight. Just because I'm in a few lasers, doesn't mean I can't escape, again." Herbert's voice echoed. Eric's voice had completely disappeared now.
"We've got you trapped Herbert. We don't want to hurt you though!" Perapin said calmly.
"But what if I don't want to be here with you? It's time I got my revenge, and not like before - this time, I will win. For once, I've planned everything out. I've even created my own teleportation device!" Consequently, a small gadget was pulled out from Herbert's cleverly disguised pockets. He clicked a few buttons, and before we could stop him - we were all gone - back to the Wilderness. I saw a peice of blueprints floating around. I knew exactly where they were from - Operation Blackout. But why did Herbert leave them out here in the Wilderness? It was most likely just some rubbish he had finished with and couldn't find a trash can.

...There was a breeze in the air. Trees swayed from side to side. Yellow puffles laughed as they rolled in puddles. They were all part of Herbert's plan - rainbow puffles. But what could Herbert want with us? We were all suddenly trapped, and without realising, we had no ways of communication and were alone.
"You might be wondering why I need you here. I was going to tell you back then, but you teleported out before I could reveal my true identity. I guess you'll just have to wait a little bit longer! It makes it more fun for me, anyway." Herbert said softly, like he was ready for anything.
"You won't get away with this. Just because it's early in the morning, doesn't mean that Aunt Arctic won't be ready for work. She'll be here, won't she?" said Bubsey quietly, unsure of himself.
"I'm afraid not, little penguins. She's trapped in my lair, with nowhere to go. As well as all your other elite penguin fools. In fact, this time - I've got you all. This plan is perfect!" Herbert shouted again at us.
"Not if I can do anything about it!" came a voice from behind. A familiar voice too...

A Short Poem

Some penguins are mad
Some penguins are sad
Some penguins are rad
But others are bad

There's penguins who love to dance
And some who will have a quick glance
Some penguins have spiky hair
Yet some are looking for a dare

Each penguin has their own style
And some can run for miles
Many are the bestest of friends
But some are at the end

Penguins who love to shop
Some who pretend to be cops
Others can weight-lift
But they've all got a special gift

There's one who has a red nose
One who likes to wear a rose
Some penguins have long hair
But some will just stare

Penguins are being made
Some of them are afraid
Many have walked in the glade
In the Pizza Parlor, many like to raid

Penguins have amazing powers
Some hold a basket of flowers
Yet others are very strange
And some just need a change

Featured Fashions News Alert

Hiya! ...And good morning.


Welcome to Daffodaily’s News Corner. Coming up on today’s program: Reports of ‘superhero’ sightings around the Island are increasing, sales of capes are going through the roof, and many penguins have reported anonymous heroic deeds taking place. CP photographers have managed to get some exclusive snaps:

0vicky- Some sort of super hero dog was spotted marshalling civilians through the Town with a megaphone. Could being cute and cuddly be her super power? WOOF!


Emperor Pegi is showing some ace colour-coordinating powers! I wonder if his laser beam shines to outer space? Because his style is out of this world!


This hero is certainly not stealthy with that epic rainbow afro, but I wonder just what kind of powers Houdini2 has? Red neckerchief- this season’s must have hero accessory ;)


We’ve heard reports that Pingwan2004 has been on a ghost hunt around the Island, saving penguins and swinging from room to room with that amazing grappling hook.


I need your help giving these penguins amazing-brill superhero names! Comment below with your superhero name suggestions, and the winner will get 1000 coins. Thanks for tuning in to Daffo’s News Corner, and until next time- byeee!

Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ In My Igloo

"What did you do that for?" shouted Polo Field. We were back in my igloo, after teleporting away from Eric who was explaining his evil plan.
"It was our only chance of escaping. If we'd stayed there, we would be trapped forever in the lasers!" I replied.
"Yeah - I can't believe he forgot about the EPF technology!" Perapin said.
"Sure, but what are we meant to do now?" Bubsey Good asked.
"Well, Eric could trace us somehow, so he might be able to find us, right?" Cliky Minty asked excitedly.
"Yes. In the mean time, we need to make a plan! If Eric comes here, we need to be able to trap us. He never actually said why he did all that, did he?" I announced.
"He must need the EPF technology for something!" Bubsey shouted. Quickly, I waddled over to my computer and found an email. It was from Eric. He was tracking us down as we read the email. Quickly, I deleted it as soon as possible.
"He's onto us. Don't worry, we have a few minutes before he'll find us. Here's the plan. I've got a bunch of lasers in storage. When Eric gets here, we'll trap him!" I said.
"Wait, he could just teleport out, like we did!" Polo Field added.
"Don't worry about that!" Perapin said, "I'll figure out something." So we all started building the lasers together, surrounding the area in my igloo. Eric would never be able to escape this trap. After a few minutes of preparation, Eric finally came. I knew he would. He wouldn't just leave us here - he could track us easily, and he needed us, for something.
"HA! I've got you peng-" The lasers powered up. Perapin had Eric's stolen spy phone. We had caught the bad guy!
"No, you haven't! It appears that we've got you. Anyway, Eric - tell us more about your plan. Why did you do it? Why did you steal the EPF technology?"
"GAH! You stupid penguins! I'm not even a penguin! I can't believe you got me."
"What do you mean?" said Cliky Minty getting worried. Suddenly, I noticed something. On the back of Eric's hair, there was a small zip meant to blend in with the hair. Eric pulled it down and something we didn;t want to see, appeared right in front of us - Herbert!