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A Short Poem

Some penguins are mad
Some penguins are sad
Some penguins are rad
But others are bad

There's penguins who love to dance
And some who will have a quick glance
Some penguins have spiky hair
Yet some are looking for a dare

Each penguin has their own style
And some can run for miles
Many are the bestest of friends
But some are at the end

Penguins who love to shop
Some who pretend to be cops
Others can weight-lift
But they've all got a special gift

There's one who has a red nose
One who likes to wear a rose
Some penguins have long hair
But some will just stare

Penguins are being made
Some of them are afraid
Many have walked in the glade
In the Pizza Parlor, many like to raid

Penguins have amazing powers
Some hold a basket of flowers
Yet others are very strange
And some just need a change

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  1. A HUGE THANK YOU for the membership code, I'll redeem it once I'm ready to and I'll use time wisely. :)

    ~Perapin :)


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