There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Card-Jitsu Party Is Here Now!

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

We've officially launched the first ever Card-Jitsu Party! We're excited to see so many ninjas celebrating...

Have you discovered the big surprise for Fire and Water Ninjas yet? For the first time ever, ninjas can change the weather!! You just need 2 or more ninjas to dance outside. The more ninjas dancing, the more awesome it gets. Check out the action at the Snow Forts:

We can't wait to hear what you think of the party! Let us know about your favorite part in the comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team
Wow! Lets work together penguins! Have you changed the weather yet?

Club Penguin Motion Comic Maker

Club penguin have made a new game where you can create your own Club Penguin comics for free! Just go here to create them!

New Club Penguin Motion Comic, New Emotions, & Holiday Party Sneak Peeks
Choose a layout.
New Club Penguin Motion Comic, New Emotions, & Holiday Party Sneak Peeks
Here are the instructions
New Club Penguin Motion Comic, New Emotions, & Holiday Party Sneak Peeks

Wow! Have you created a comic yet? Thanks to

Safe Chat Messages

Club penguin have added new safe chat messages only for the Card-Jitsu party!
What is your favourite safe chat message? Mine is "Noodles here!"

Homepage Update

The Homepage has been updated with Ninjas, Sensei, Card-Jitsu costumes and tons more! There are only 12 days to go until the party ends...
Keep battling! Have you won a Card-Jitsu match at the Stadium yet? Work together! 

Spy Phone Message From Jet Pack Guy

I was practising my fire skills in the lava when Jet Pack Guy sent me a message!

November 24th 2011

Jet Pack Guy
" Update: just checked on Herbert. The extra heat on the island hasn't affected the Air Conditioner 3000. He is still safely secured."

I was starting to get worried about Herbert! Thanks for the info Jet Pack Guy. I wonder when Herbert will wake up..


Soon, Club Penguin will update their emotes!

Do you like these new emotes? I do! Thanks perapin for telling me about this. To celebrate 1000 hits I will now post an icon at the end of each post.

Ninjas In Dojo

At the dojo you can see Ninjas running about!
It looks spooky! Also, Sensei has been updated, he doesen't appear when you scroll, he is always there!
I don't really like the Sensei update but the Ninjas look awesome!

At the snow forts, you can battle other penguins. When I battled a red penguin it showed this
It will now show whatever belt you are and what colour your penguin is! Do you like this feature?

Talk To Sensei

If you are a non-member and enter the Ninja Hideout, Sensei will give you a message.
Wow! Its just like PH guided us with the new puffle features. Will more of these guides be coming? Time will tell...

Field-Op #57

The latest field-op is here. Click accept field-op and talk to gary.
Here it is at the lava pool in the dock.

 Your spy phone will turn green. Click on it and accept the challenge. Bypass the system.
The game starts very slow but then gets quicker and quicker.
Then Gary will tell us some information.
Our spy phones will now be able to function in temperatures as high as 3000 degrees! Thats HOT! I wonder why we will need this feature. Time will tell...

Club Penguin Times #318

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times is out! Usally, I just tell you the headlines, but today I will show you the WHOLE newspaper so you can read it without logging into Club Penguin!

Wow! I never knew that Ninjas controlled the power of the weather! But looking back, you can see that the Fire Ninjas created red sky and the Water Ninjas created a storm! Amazing, right?

More Free Items!

There are more free items for members only! Can you find where they are?
Be quick! The cage will soon close...
Waddle out to the forest, put your ALL your free items on and dance.

Or if you hit the red targets, waddle to the dock and dance!

Do you like these new items and dance moves? Show them off to your friends! 

Ancient Shadows

The latest play at the Stage is... Ancient Shadows!
Change your shadow by using the latest costumes and use the Switchbox 3000 for diffrent effects.
Which is your favourite shadow? Mine is the fish!
Look at that monkey!

Have you watched this play? Its awesome! Which shadow is your favourite? I think they are ninjas in disguise...

Card-Jitsu Battle

At the snow forts you can battle on Ninja Mats and enter to the Battle Room at the stadium.

Enter and you will find a battle room. Pick which element you want to play by getting other penguins to stand on the element.
Have you played this game yet? The battle has begun...

Access Pass

When you login to Club Penguin, they will give you an accsess pass to the Fire Dojo and Water Dojo even if you are a non-member!

This will end on December 6th so hurry Non-Members!

Free Items

There are two free items available! Here is the fire headband at the town.
Here is the water headband at the plaza.
Awesome free items!

New Look for Hideout!

There is a new look for the Ninja Hideout!

This look should stay there forever as you can see in the sneak peek of the holiday party.

Card-Jitsu Party Is HERE!

The Card-Jitsu party is here! Hurray! Lets start the battle..


Draw Coats For Kids!

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. I've seen so many great drawings since Billybob announced the big Warm Coats art challenge. Here are a few of the fabulous coat drawings you've sent in:

Beautiful artwork, everyone!

Send your pictures here: You can send in as many pictures as you'd like. I'd love to see a few ninja coats to celebrate the upcoming Card-Jitsu Party... ;)

Hurry! You'll need to send in your pictures by Sunday, November 27.

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team
Have you submitted any art work? We need to keep submitting! Keep drawing guys!