There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Month In Review: January 2014

Hello penguins and caveguins! It's Echo006 with a unique post that hopefully I'll be doing every month. It's all about the previous month that we've enjoyed on Club Penguin, as well as a glimpse at the next!

2014 was kicked off with a bang, and immediately, we knew that we would be going back in time again. At the Snow Forts, a message had appeared in the snow. Gary was soon investigating and discovered it was from his great ancestor Garugg. 

 The Penguin Style had some great fashions, including a new Penguins At Work outfit! The prehistoric outfits from the Penguin style were awesome. Check them out below! 

In the second update of 2014, Gary's old time trekker made it's re-appearance. But we couldn't use it just yet. It took a week to calibrate. This was because Gary had been to the future...without us. Of course, it's a mystery of what he saw, but I'm sure he saw something he didn't want us to know. It's far more dangerous to go to the past than the future, as we later discovered. The furniture and igloo catalog were merged together to make an easier to find catalog. However, this resulted in some of the igloos leaving the old catalog, but the old cave igloo made it's return for the Prehistoric Party.

The furniture in the catalog was great, and very prehistoric. Some old items returned from last year, with some awesome new ones too! There were tons of awesome igloos. Check them out:

The next update was the biggest one of January. The time trekker was active, and penguins began to travel to the past. Caveguins began to dig in the Dino dig stations around the island. We could find 20 different eggs. The same 12 as last year with 4 new raptors and 4 new WHAT! But the best bit was finding a Dino Puffle. Once you had found a Dino Puffle or completed a Dino set, you were able to get a free prehistoric item. The Dino Puffle eggs had to be equipped, and then taken to the volcano. Patches of rock lit up and we had to waddle onto them. Once we had done that three times, our Dino puffles hatched! A new type of Dino Puffle was available every other day, including the Blue and Red triceratops, the Black and Purple T-Rexs and the Pink and Yellow WHAT. But of course, penguins wouldn't be able to keep all these puffles because they already had the maximum of 20! That's why Club Penguin doubled that number and added a backyard. In the backyard, your puffles are kept! You can only have 10 puffles in your igloo now and the other 30 in your backyard. And the best part - puffles' stats in the backyard stay the same forever. 

The prehistoric island was exactly the same as last time, except now they have an active volcano, a pizza parlor with drive-thru and cars as well as a hair and beauty salon! Members were able to transform into dinosaurs, and made very annoying sound effects! It was great fun transforming and revisiting the prehistoric island as well as getting the cute wild puffles. This is the Prehistoric Island from last year, when we first visited it. Log on to Club Penguin now to discover what changes have been made!
Time Travel!
...Welcome to this Prehistoric Island! As you can see, there's no snow here currently. Watch out for that dinosaur! Anyway, grab some items (the total cost of around 8000 coins) and let's explore!
...Now, you're going to have to dig for dino eggs. Yes, just click over there in the corner and you'll find yourself playing a game of Treasure Hunt only on your own and you don't get any stamps!
...Let's head into the restaurant! Even in Prehistoric times, the food was quite tasty! Just not cooked as well..
Yum, yum!
...Now, keep roaring in different places on this island to win a very special prize ~ LAVA! It's pretty much the same as at the Halloween Party, only with dinosaurs :)
...Here is the best place to dig for dino eggs! Collect all 12 to win a special prize and you'll also get to be any of the 12 dinosaurs. 4 different colours of each dinosaur!
Dino Eggs!
...Here you can warm up by the campfire, and also sail in a boat! I didn't know dinosaurs had boats :)
Dinosaurs have boats!
...Wow, this place is quite interesting! Back to the restaurant for more yummy food :)
More food!
...Here is the T-Rex Deadlands! It's pretty spooky, so you might want to turn into a dinosaur.
T-Rex Deadlands
...Woah, check out this amazing forest! There's even a waterfall too :) Keep digging for eggs!
...Here is the flying dinosaur's cove. (The name which I cannot pronounce!) You can soar through the sky, and through each hoop. But bear in mind that it's only for flying dinosaurs! You'll have to dig for that egg...
Flying Dinosaur
...And last but certainly not least, the iceberg's amazing secret! Yes, I thought that the iceberg in our Club Penguin island arrived here from Herbert, however it appears that it wasn't the same one!
The Secret Of The Iceberg

However, on the last update of January, things began to go terribly wrong. In the past, the shark (the secret to the untippable iceberg) escaped. It can now be seen swimming every hour in present day Club Penguin!

So, that's what happened in Club Penguin in January! Now it's time for my opinions on what has happened:

Dino puffles are adorable. They and the backyards are certainly the best thing since rainbow and gold puffles. I am absolutely certain that we're going to find more "wild puffles" throughout the years. Hopefully, the maximum amount of puffles will be raised too. However, I wish all non-members got to have one Dino Puffle (maybe blue or red) so they could share experience. I don't like the fact that we can't care for the Dino puffles in our igloos, but that's what happens when you adopt wild puffles! I'm so glad club penguin made this Prehistoric Party Puffle based, with lots of different stations around the island. 

Backyards are great! They change to the background of your igloo location! However, the puffles seem to be very bored in the igloo. So I would've hoped we could decorate our backyards, but with 40 puffles at one time, CP know that would be laggy. So I think we should be aloud up to 20 Puffle items like beds, furniture, food, and anything from the Puffle catalog. 

The Prehistoric Party was a massive hit. Transforming was great, and this year there was no glitches which is a massive improvement to transforming. Of course, we can't expect Club Penguin to make loads of new rooms for the party. But I'm glad they made a few new rooms and features, but I love the old rooms too! 

I've noticed that every month, Club Penguin seems to be advertising igloos more and more. At the Holiday party we had train stations, and now at this party we had Digloos! I like how these items are active for a certain amount of time, and are quite cheap. It's great that they're trying to get penguins to visit igloos more and more. 

And in other news...
So in February, the Fair will be making it's return, with some arcade games! And also, in March we'll be having our first takeover of the year! The Muppets: Most Wanted will be taking over our island. See you next month, when I'll be reviewing the Fair, the return of the Penguin Band, the Penguin Style and Furniture Catalogs, as well as