There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Friday Featured Igloos

Hey penguins!

Today is Friday and it's time to post some very cool igloos. These are my three favorites:

Ten Agent said: "Hello, I love my friend Audi540 igloo. Has everything, bathroom, kitchen, and all is well off, I like to go to your igloo and enjoy a cup of tea. Hopefully they choose his igloo, I think would be good to show your great igloo ".
1000 Alam told us: "My friend called iglu dinoalcon 33 and I think it deserves to leave this Mul decorated and divided into sections but oh particularly one that changes ceccion each party has this great garden and dance floor with this fuffles great and as design billibob pinguineando follow ".
Miroslav4v said: "Hello penguins, I would like to submit the iglu my friend JEFF 09
is very great "
They realized? It occurred to me to take a picture and add a comment igloo made ​​the selection easier and more fun ... think?
JEFF 03.jpg
AHHH! If any igloo they would like to leave on the blog, nomĂ­nenlo in the comments and I'll remember for the next featured igloos!

  See you in the next wave! ;)

Field-Op #99

The last Field-Op of two digits ever to be completed is slowly fading away. Soon, the Fair will have opened up and the 100th Field-Op will arrive. That's two years of field-ops! And this is what Gary has to say...
...I found the location! This is the entrance to the Puffle Circus ~ members and non-members!

 Location Found! Power up the chipset, guide your micro batter by remote control. Engage...
 It will look something like this ~ you need to power up all the chips.
 Gary will give you a message and everything is fine again. How simple? You know, before EPF came we never had to do any of this stuff because nothing ever happened. Is the EPF like a pointless system?

Loustik005 Visits Igloos

This video is made by Loustik005 who works with the French Team on Club Penguin.

Seems like the French are pretty good at decorating too ~ But I still think English has great skill too.

Disney175's Favourite Jokes!

Here's a quick video made by Disney175 showing her favourite jokes!
Do you like these jokes? They're very funny XD Fact: Disney175 was the first awesome penguin on this blog.


Rookie has been waddling around the island ;) He's certainly ready for the fair ~ Can you find him? Let's just take a quick flashback to last year. There were two booths ~ we know one was for members and the other was for non-members however the member booth was placed outside the Puffle Circus meaning that if there will be a member only booth it cannot be placed where it was last year as now non-members can enter the Puffle Circus (like last year with my little cheat)
 ...The non-member booth had mainly head items plus a pin and a background (There was also a hidden item!) The member booth had more choice ~ this year, I'd like to see some furniture items!
My favourite item was the turtle (a hidden item)

Fair Construction 2012

I've been posting on this blog for one year now. I always try to post as much as possible as in the future, I would love to look back at everything I've done. As I grow older, I won't be able to post as much due to school (everybody has to go, everybody has to find the time to play Club Penguin) My time will soon become less due to tests, performances, high school etc but that won't stop me blogging. Now, one year ago the Fair had finished and Puffle Hats had just arrived. I remember posting about them ~ I'm way more experienced then I used to be. If you've seen my old posts, they were terrible but now I'd like to add some humour into my posts instead of just talking loads. So, let's get to it. The Fair is near and there's construction at the Beach ~ this reminds me of January! Hope there won't be any more boxes, but how could you keep a puffle circus in just that? The poor puffles ~ trapped inside some boxes.
I'm going to be making the pictures a little brighter as if things are dull, just come and lighten up your spirit here! So, do you like the idea of adding humour and a little brighter pictures?

WORST Igloo Catalog

And now, the catalog voted worst yet in 2012 is the September Furniture Catalog! This Catalog is the first to have no NEW items! How boring is that ~ well, some of the items will be new for the new penguins but certainly not for me. I already have everything here. Oh well, I guess I'll have more money to spend next month!
Club Penguin are bringing back lots of items from the past. Most of my rare things have come back ~ now I have hardly anything to prove how rare I am as penguins will think I got all these rare things from the new catalog. 

 The Pizza Oven and the Popcorn Machine used to be my favourites! Now they're not so hot ~ I like to be original and have unique items that others don't have. Soon, everybody will have ALL of these items in their igloo. If I were you, I'd start collecting items now. The first generation of Club Penguin has plenty of rare items ~ when this generation gets bored of Club Penguin and leaves there won't be anything rare as Club Penguin constantly bring back old items ~ but they don't bring back items that the cp staff have like the moose, paintings, pink furniture and old igloos like the tent.

Featured Fashions!

Happy77 has posted three more Featured Fashions. Do you like these outfits?
Greetings fellow Fashionistas!

We've seen some amazing outfits around the island lately that we had to share with you. Check them out:

Srkate9 has combined different pieces from the costume trunk at the Stage to make this fun and colorful outfit!

Srkate9_edit.jpgMsilva1 mixed some really unique items together to create a sweet style we love!

Purplelion4 is living up to their purple-themed name with these fabulous purple items! Lovin' the party hat too. 


Have you seen any amazing outfits lately? If so, let us know the penguin name in the comments below. Stay tuned for more styles on the blog!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Fashion Show

One of my favourite peices of music from Club Penguin is the Fashion Show. I enjoyed it even though it was only a small event and I enjoy listening to the music.

Featured Igloos: September 10

Greetings Igloo Decorators!

Check out these amazing igloo designs:

Catie 88 said: "You have to see my bff Sparkly0806. Her iggy is AWESOME!"

Sparkly0806_edit.jpgHannahmonta3 said: "Check out Sliparychil's igloo! It's an epic stranded island!"

Sliparychil_edit.jpgGoldscott777 said: "Happy77, my brother worked really hard to make a tropical igloo! You should really check his out! His penguin name is Fred95921."

Fred95921_edit.jpgIt definitely looks like this igloo took a lot of work, Goldscott777! :)

Have you seen any sweet igloos you think should be featured on the blog? Let us know the penguin name and your favorite furniture item they used in the comments below. We'll show off some more igloos soon, so keep checking the blog! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Echo006's Exclusive Links

If you remember, back one year ago, I started posting on this Club Penguin blog! I posted about things like the Fair but nobody ever read it. I posted about TOP SECRET links (they aren't top secret anymore) These links took you straight to Party Rooms on Club Penguin that had finished. It was awesome! I figured this with my brain from the login screens. If you click on the screen now ~ it will take you to a link with a number in it reading 100. That 100 means the room ID of whatever it is. So, by searching the internet to find out what the party room ID is (851) I added them together and what did I get? The tree forts! The link changes every time a new party arrives. It is wonderful! I've told very few people about this ~ but since my friend Perapin posted about it everything spread. He told Trainman1405 ~ so then people told others about it saying it was a glitch and silly rumours like that. Then it died down, leaving only Trainman1405 to post about them. If you look back on my Blog Archive ~ the first week of posting you will see a post about these links. That was before everyone knew about it. Then, everyone forgot so I stopped writing them...until now. I'll be testing these links and trying to find ways how non-members can get into member rooms ;) They may not be able to access all the features ~ but I'm sure they'll be able to play a fair game or two. Also, in Operation Hibernation ~ the cameras weren't real. I accessed that room but nobody ever spotted me. It was just a picture! Here's the link. Change the number to 851 for the volcano mouth room. No credit to anybody else. Not a hack, not a scam to get your penguin's password. The real club penguin site. That's just a bit of history ~ from last year...

Fall Fair Music

Every so often, I like to post a small amount of music just for a few days. Since the Fall Fair is coming up, I'd like to share some old music with you. Click the links below to listen to this fabulous music. It's great to play in the background while you're doing things such as: playing cp, doing homework, etc.

My Cave

There's nothing much happening around Club Penguin at the moment. This is the time of the week when everybody can chill out and relax ~ no updates, nothing! Club Penguin is very quiet at the moment which is the perfect time to decorate an igloo or a cave...
...Do you like my cave? It's full of precious items that I've been collecting over the years. I can't wait for new igloo decorations for the fair ~ that is if most of them are actually knew. I hope my crab returns, he'd love to have some more friends.

The Next Awesome Penguin!

Another awesome penguin has arrived in my mailbox. Icequix is a great friend ~ he has a wonderful blog and a lovely eReader too! He has lots of unlockable puffle hats which are really cute so that is why he is awesome! Take a look at his playercard...
Also, he has great styles ;)

Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Card Game!

Club Penguin have introduced a new Card Game! Here are some small details about this game...
There are 216 cards to collect including 12 mirror foil cards. Each quiz card features 2 quiz questions for avid Club Penguin fans to answer. By completing all of the cards, fans can also complete their very own yearbook puzzle featuring great scenes from all the awesome Club Penguin Parties from the last 12 months! Each packet also contains 1 code card which unlocks items online! Released September 2012
The Penguin is wearing a blue and gold party hat. Could this be the party hat released on October 24th. Don't worry if you're not there on that day ~ Club Penguin always say it's only one day but then they extend the party a little longer. That's a great time to meet Aunt Arctic!