There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Wave Bug

If you wave to your friend or another penguin you will see that your clothing waves instead of your body!
Maybe the ghosts have come to haunt us! BUG!

New Chat and Friends Video Blog

Billybob has made a new video blog! It is about the new chat and friends system!

Awesome! The new chat system is a GREAT idea! And I can't believe we have ALMOST unlimited buddies!

Coming Soon: New Chat and Friends

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the Anniversary Party! Make sure you check out the new Yearbook over in the Book Room.

Last month I posted a video blog where I mentioned that we're working on a brand new Friends experience. I also mentioned the new Chat system that some of you helped test on Beta Team.

Guess what? We're getting ready to launch them both very soon! These are two of the biggest system improvements we've ever made, so we're incredibly excited to share them with you. Here's a sneak peek of the new Friends icon in the toolbar:

blog_111025.jpgWhile I can't say too much just yet, I will say this... the new Friends and Chat will make it way easier for you to connect with your friends on Club Penguin. We'll have more info soon, so stay tuned!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Awesome! They've already launched! The settings button looks much cooler than it was!

Message From G

EPF Agents check your spyphone! Gary has sent us a funny message!

Don't worry G. We won't!

Club Penguin Times Issue #314

There is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times written by Aunt Arctic.

Join the movie crew on the set of the Night Of The Living Sled: LIVE

New Pufflescape game coming soon...

Card-Jitsu Snow!

And the upcoming events.

Sushi Chefs? Maybe a new penguins at work item!

Field-Op #53

Gary has given us a new field-op! Here it is at the Night Club.

Location Found. Destroy the circuits!

Jet Pack Guy says:

Nice work agent! Looks like you were easily up to that challenge.
Things are pretty quiet with Herbert in hibernation. I wonder what the future holds for the EPF.
Anyways, enjoy the party. Jet Pack Guy out.

Chat System Update

The chat system has been updated! We can now have a faster way of chatting! Awesome phrases! Do you have a favourite phrase?
My favourite phrase is "g2g bye people". Leave a comment on what you think! There are over 300,000 phrases!

Pet Shop Construction

At the pet shop, there is construction going on! Soon, we will have a new game called Pufflescape!
This was one of the first games we tested in the Beta Team!

Hallowen Tunes DJ3K

If you go to the Night Club you can find DJ3K. There is a spooky halloween tune for members!

Don't forget to bring your yellow puffle! These tunes are SWEET!

NEW Friends List

Now we have a new friends list!
Now you can add penguins even if they aren't online! Wow! And if you see a friend on Club Penguin they will have a green circle underneath them so you know its a friend! :)

Penguins Around The World

The Penguins and Puffles went on another trip around the world. Where will they go this week?

The puffles raced in some cars

Then all got in a boat and went to find Rockhopper on Rockhopper Island.

Happy Halloween!

The red puffle tried on a new hat.
Then the yellow puffle got so tired he went to bed.
Don't forget the green puffle!
Wow! They must be exhausted! Bye for now puffles!

These are last weeks photos which I didn't post about!

Fan Art

There is lots of spooky fan art in Club Penguin. There are spooky sleds and glowing ghosts!

Run from the ghosts!

A dark spooky swamp from the Better Igloos Catalog!

I wonder where this is....

The Night Of The Living Sled has returned!

Here come the Candy Ghosts...

And the ghost looks for candy with his puffles.
Great Fan Art work! :)

Membership Badge

If you are a member you will have a badge on your playercard. I investigated this and this is what I found.

To get the full member badge white, orange, blue stripes and a star you must be a member for 2 years!

Aunt Arctic Background BUG!

If you have got Aunt Arctic's background you will see that it doesen't fit completely on the playercard.
Can you see the extra bit? If you have just become a member you can see some of the star from the non-member penguin. Here is how the badge would look:

BUG! Will club penguin fix this? Time will tell...

Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

This is a message from Billybob:
Hello Penguins!

It's Club Penguin's birthday today! I hope you're all having fun celebrating at the Anniversary Party. Make sure you pick up the rare party hat while it's here! It's only available at the Coffee Shop TODAY!
blog_111024a.jpgThis party is about celebrating you guys. You've helped make Club Penguin fun for so many people around the world. Thanks for being so amazing!

blog_111024.jpgUntil then... Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team

Wow! Enjoy the cake penguins! Waddle on!

6th Anniversary Cake

Every year Club Penguin has a cake to celebrate their anniversary party.

This is last years coffee shop and how it was decorated. It looks very happy and cheerful!

I think this year it is much spookier and more to do with Halloween. I really don't like halloween though so it is not my kind of party/ The cake doesn't look very nice this year and I would not like to eat it.

I hope next year it will be much sweeter and the decarations will be much better!

Dance Lounge Treats!

At the dance lounge you can sit on tables and watch Night Of The Living Sled 2! But did you know that you can have some treats with that? Just get some old costumes from Penguins At Work!
Here is the cake:
Here is the coffee:
Here is the Ice Cream:
Here is the Pizza:
Wow! Lots of treats to enjoy the movie! These tables were first seen at the Puffle Party. My faviourite is the pizza, yum!

A few places to vist...

There are a few places you should vist at the Halloween Party! Theres lots of fun activities to do!

Snow Forts
At the snow forts you can Trick Or Treat! I don't really trick-or-treat but on Club Penguin I love to! You can either be a trick-or-treater or be the one who gives candy out! As soon as a penguin steps in front of the door, the lights come on and the doors open!
Nobody was there! No candy for me. I love how the snow forts is a whole neighbourhood!

The whole Iceberg has been transformed into a pumpkin! If you get a drill out you can start calving it!
Secret Lab
At the secret lab you can turn your friends into monsters with the Monster Maker 3000! You could even find Gary in this room! Remember, look out for the Living Sled!

There are lots of other rooms to run around in and play with your friends! You might find some ghosts from the scavenger hunt!

Aunt Arctic's NEW Background

Aunt Arctic has a new background! I did meet Aunt Arctic, but unfortennetly didn't get it!

I love how all her cute puffles are in the picture!

Login Bug

Right now, many penguins cannot login to Club Penguin! It will give you this message:

I tried going on my non-member penguin and it worked!
Yet when I tried to go on my member penguin it didn't work! Right now, the anniversary party is on and it isn't fair that we can't meet Aunt Arctic because of this bug! Did it happen to you?

UPDATE: Bug Fixed! And I met Aunt Arctic on server Zipline.

Black Smiley Face?

If you click on the question mark button on Club Penguin it shows the settings.
As I have the buddy bug I don't have any friends! I looked at the smiley face and it was BLACK not yellow! Is this just because i have no friends?
When my buddy list is back to normal we will find out! Has this happened to you?

UPDATE: This happens to you if you have no buddies.