There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Mysterious Ninja - My Stories and Adventures

To celebrate 500 Posts and 7000 pageviews, my latest story is here. Thanks to everyone who views this blog, I hope you enjoy it...
The Ninja waddled through the forest, taking every step with care. He had a dark detective coat, with a ninja mask, a red baseball cap and blue shoes. I stood as still as I could, hoping he wouldn't notice me. He was very mysterious as he had no name and he had the same blue circle as I did!
He waddled over to the Plaza and stopped right in the middle. I looked at him from behind. He sniffed something and started to waddle to the Snow Forts. What a mysterious penguin!

Dive In! Conquer The Maze - Login Screen

Club Penguin have added another NEW Login Screen! Check it out:
I've already conquered the maze! What about you? Tell me in the comments below...

Own The Runway Login Screen

Check out this awesome new animated Login Screen. The penguin is taking a photo of her and her puffle...

Club Penguin Homepage

Club Penguin have updated the homepage. All of the penguins are standing on one side of the island. It looks so empty!
 After a few seconds you will be taken to this screen...
Dive In! Conquer The Maze...

Sumbarine Suit

Once you have completed the Underwater Maze, you will find a Sumbarine Suit!

Club Penguin Times #327

Time for another issue of the Club Penguin Times written by Aunt Arctic and a few reporters too! Lets take a look at the latest news:

Clean Up The Dock Background

Have you been to the Dock lately? There are nine items of rubbish in the water!

Spy Phone Message From The Director

RED ALERT! Someone has sent us a Spy Phone Message!

Underwater Party Inverted Colours Rooms

The Underwater Expedition is here! You've seen most of the rooms, but have you seen them inverted? Time for the latest edition of Inverted Rooms! Check out these awesome party rooms:

Membership Page - What's New!

February is soon coming up and everybody knows that membership means more! Check out whats going to happen!
Be a superstar! Dress in the latest looks and own the runway!
Express your creativity with your unique style!
Show off your puffle's personality with their favourite hat.
Coming soon: Pirates needed to explore uncharted seas!

Underwater Expedition Rooms - Penguin Poll

The Club Penguin Team have asked us this question: The Underwater Expedition Party has started! What's your favourite place to explore?

The Latest Wallpaper

The latest wallpaper is here! You can set it as your desktop background by clicking here
The yellow penguin seems to be very happy at the Beach with his purple puffle. I wonder why the island hasn't sunk in this wallpaper.

Underwater Maze

WOW! The island has sunk and the maze has opened! Take a look at the map:

Free Item - Heavy Hat

At the Beach, there is a free item called the Heavy Hat! Rookie told us about this hat two weeks ago when Perapin interviewed him. Take a look...

Beach Chair Pin

Wow! The island has sunk and I'm looking for the pin! Here it is at the Night Club!

Behind The Scenes: Jan.25

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

It's been busy here at Club Penguin HQ! For the last few months, we've dedicated a lot of the Club Penguin team to make the experience faster, and to squash some big bugs that were getting in the way.


Here are a few examples of what we've done:

Field-Op #66

RED ALERT! All EPF Agent report to the Command Room immediately!

Rookie's New Background EXCLUSIVE

Rookie is here at the island and you can pick up a FREE Background from him! Take a look at it:
Awesome, isn't it? I like the way that he can't figure out what is happening because hes too busy stuck in some anvils. Now why hasn't the island sunk yet?

Underwater Expedition 2012

image nameimage nameimage nameimage nameimage nameimage name

Rock-A-Bye Herbert VIDEO

The latest Club Penguin video shows a sneak peek of Herbert escaping! But for now, he can happily float into the air in his dreams. Click the video below to watch it.
Happy Dreams Herbert! But at the end, Herbert has GONE! I sure hope we find where he has gone, as the systems don't detect it! I wonder what Kluzty has to do with this party?

Featured Igloos - January 24

This is a message from Happy77:


Have you seen Pickle2113's igloo on the Community page yet? It's pretty groovy. Make sure you check it out! 

Here are some more brilliant ones we saw around the island this week: 



Furniture Items BUG!

Today, I came across another bug! Who is surprised? But this time, it was a FUN BUG! Now, whatever items I have used already, I get back! Now I can have a much bigger garden than before with more soil! Thanks Club Penguin!

More Crates at the Beach

Many of you know from the Sneak Peek earlier that there are more boxes at the Beach! Did you know that these crates contain anvils? Check it out:
AWESOME! The island is just about at tipping point! In one day, the island will be tipped and the adventure will begin! It's so exciting! Stay tuned, the latest story is on its way!

Video Blog - Scott

Club Penguin have made a new Video Blog on their youtube channel! Scott reveals some new books, top trumps and even a magazine! View the video below:
WOW! A Club Penguin magazine! This is going to ROCK! I'm so excited for the next month to come! I can't wait...

Featured Igloo - Pickle2113

On the Community page, you will find a Featured Igloo! This week it belongs to Pickle
I love the swimming pool and all that gold! This is a wonderful underwater igloo! Take a look at that rare puffle hat!

Underwater Penguins Around The World

There are more pictures of Penguins around the World! You can see puffles playing on the beach, listening to music, watching birds and more! If you would like to see a bigger version of the picture, just click to enlarge it!
Club Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the WorldClub Penguin Penguins Around the World
What will they find when they go Underwater? Time will tell...

Underwater Party Fan Art

Wow, so many penguins have been drawing their penguins explore the island down the Mysterious Deep at the Underwater Party! If you would like to see a bigger drawing of the thumbnail, just click to enlarge it!
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art
AWESOME Artwork! I love the details of all the pictures! I hope Kluzty doesn't find out what we're planning...