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Helping Rookie - My Stories and Adventures

Today, I decided to go and help Rookie by adding more crates to the island. He asked if I could help doing a few things. Here is what happened. Firstly, I had to make a ton of anvils! Rookie says we might wear them on our heads! Check it out:

What a day it was! Meeting Rookie was fantastic! He gave me another job to do, this time I needed to
make a few gold anvils to weigh down the island a bit more. He gave me a few more jobs to do and he left!
I was asked to place the golden anvils into some more crates. I wonder why this is? Now I was going to dig up some of the snow! I wondered why I was doing all these strange jobs. What did they have to do with the Underwater Expedition? Check it out:
Another job was to drill down to make a giant hole to help sink the island. What was Rookie thinking? I was terribly worried what was happening. I thought I was sinking the island! Why would we want to sink our home? Something was very strange...
After digging the gigantic whole, I set off to check the temperature of the waters to make sure it was safe to swim in. I was very hungry and really wanted a pizza! But I had promised Rookie I would get all the jobs done in less than an hour.
Wow! It was hot enough when I got deeper, meaning that the temperature was fine. You'd never of guess what I found! An awesome hangout where fish swam!
I loved all the pretty flowers in the Underwater Room! The temperature was fine and there was only one last job to do! I started to swim towards the surface finding a familiar room...
I had swam all the way around the island to the Cove! WOW! My EPF Phone was still working as it is waterproof and I teleported all the way to the beach, the other side of the island! You'd never of guess what I found! A strange mysterious bird with diffrent coloured fur!
It flew away as soon as I saw it. I hope it will come back soon. I was at my last job of the day, adding more water to the surface with a hose. The surface should be underwater by Thursday, but I'm not so sure. What can crates do to sink the island? There must be something real heavy inside them...
I had finished my adventure and it was time to go home and feed my puffles. I thought back at the day and realised that I had forgotten to pick up Rookie's new background! What a shame! I hope he is proud of me for helping him sink the island. But it anybody asks, I did not do any of this, today, okay?

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  1. aren't you copying this from a penguin called Saarapril? Just asking:)


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