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The Mysterious Ninja - My Stories and Adventures

To celebrate 500 Posts and 7000 pageviews, my latest story is here. Thanks to everyone who views this blog, I hope you enjoy it...
The Ninja waddled through the forest, taking every step with care. He had a dark detective coat, with a ninja mask, a red baseball cap and blue shoes. I stood as still as I could, hoping he wouldn't notice me. He was very mysterious as he had no name and he had the same blue circle as I did!
He waddled over to the Plaza and stopped right in the middle. I looked at him from behind. He sniffed something and started to waddle to the Snow Forts. What a mysterious penguin!

He bent down and made a snowball and then hid behind a fort. I didn't know what he was doing but I knew he was urging for a Snowball Fight. I didn't know if he had noticed me, but he had. He started to run, but what I didn't notice was that the Clock behind me had been switched off. Things were about to get stranger!
The ninja had threw a snowball and the clock started to repair again. Just then the whole island started to get darker and darker. My clothes illuminated in diffrent colours and everything was rocking from side to side. Something was very mysterious about this penguin, he had disappeared already. But was he really a penguin? I rushed to the Docks to get a clearer view of the sea...
...It was like a swamp! Everything had started to change colours and the island looked dreadful! I had a feeling that the Mysterious Ninja had something to do with it, as Club Penguin never changes colour. I needed to find the ninja, and fast. But where could he be? I thought of a place where ninjas lurked...
...The top secret hideout at the cove, of course! Why didn't I think of that before? I heard rustling coming from the purple trees. I took a few steps closer to find the most biggest suprise of my life! Not only was the room diffrent colours, but the room was upsidedown and shrunken (or the penguins have got bigger)!
There standing looking at a map was the Mysterious Ninja. I saw my chance and started to run up to him, but he had vanished! His map laid down on the floor, I picked it up and opened my mouth. His plans were to change the colour of the island and shrink it until it was his! I couldn't let him get away with this...
It looked like he wasn't very familiar with Club Penguin as he didn't even know The Stage existed! I'm sure he knew where the cove was, but he was starting at the plaza. I wonder why? I started to slowly waddle to The Plaza and see what was happening. I could here loud drilling noises...
He had three penguins drilling down deep into the Plaza! I couldn't believe what he was doing! He could ruin the whole of Club Penguin, without a doubt! I had to stop him, but how? I needed to distract the workers when he wasn't looking but how was I meant to stop the colours changing? Suddenly, the workers stopped and rushed to the Pizza Parlor. What luck! I jumped down the hole that they had made...
...The colours were so beautiful! The rocks looked amazing and there was even a waterfall with lava! I was so amazed at everything that I forgot the whole plan! The drillers were starting to come into the room, what was I to do? They were going to dig deeper and deeper and deeper. What were they looking for? I had nowhere to go, so I decided to rush to the right of the mysterious cave...
...I was surrounded by mysterious red water, I was tempted to go further. I opened up the heavy door and swam through. There was magnificent fish. Every type, you name it! I watched jellyfish pass by as I saw a key that opened up another door! I sat by an anchor picking up the key, where did it lead to? Time to find out...
I clicked the key into position and a whole room opened up. It was an office. The office where the Mysterious Ninja worked. He had been planning this day ever since Club Penguin was made, and now his plan was working. I took a look at his files and noticed that his name was classified. I took a look at the folder...
...The door started to open. I quickly climbed up the ladder just in time as the Mysterious Ninja entered. He closed the draw that I had opened and started to climb upstairs. I was in the Dance Club! All the colours were very strange and the green puffle was purple! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! The Ninja was about to come up! I tried to hide behind DJ3K.
Phew! He had came up, and I had teleported to the Town. I could still here flippersteps so I started to head for the Dock. I noticed that the island was starting to curve. I rushed to the Dock just in time as the Ninja stepped out of the Night Club. I still needed to save the island and get away from the Ninja! He was following me...



  2. wow i love this story bring part 2 out now lol

  3. Dude, this story is great! Congrats on your fame and everything else! I'm working on my story NOW.

    Best Wishes and Tatsy Fishes,
    Max Chames a.k.a Chamesthehero :)

  4. I will stay at my uncles house. He lives at Mountain Gardens or something.

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