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My Newest Puffle ~ Crazy

Over the past few months, I have been saving up many different unlockable codes so I can unlock many different items. From 7 day memberships to coin codes, I have a wide variety of magazine items and puffle wigs! Since it was Earth Day, I decided I needed a new puffle - Crazy. Well, Crazy had ran away before (when I was very young and didn't know how to look after puffles) so I got him back! I gave him a nice new hair cut to celebrate Earth Day! Green, green and green. Sadly, to make room for another puffle I had to send PJ to a new owner. I still visit him though! PJ just didn't really like my igloo...

...So that's my new puffle, Crazy! He looks a bit crazy, doesn't he? Plus, I'll be getting three more hats later on bringing my unlocked hats to a total of 9! Therefore 3 puffles will have normal hats until I can find something for them :) So far I have red wig, yellow wig, black wig, green wig, frankenpuffle hat and the pharoh hat! Soon I will make room for three new puffles (possibly the same name as the current ones - I'll just swap them, because I honestly cannot look after more than 12) with hats like the sleeping hat, disco hat and the viking hat! Stay tuned for more puffle hats on my blog ;)

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  1. Guys, Echo just couldn't send PJ to anyone... PJ is now my puffle!


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