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Rookie on server Crunch!

Today, at 4PM British Standard Time, I met Rookie! I took about 40 photos of it all and I got some good close ups with me and Rookie. I'll send some of the best to the Club Penguin Magazine and see if I get published. So, first of all (I got there about a minute late) I found Rookie at the Beach, or rather he found me! We slowly progressed around the island and it finished at the Iceberg but that room was full so I couldn't make it in there. I think that Rookie can get into full rooms :) Let's start at the beach!
 ...This is Rookie's Playercard! We sang a farm song called Old Mac Sensei :)
 ...E I E I O! On that farm he had a...pig!
 Penguins forgot how to add Rookie however he didn't accept my request :(
 Singing the song again...
 Rookie waddled to the Dock but it was full when I got there so I headed to the room after, The Town!
...There he is! Let's go for a snowball fight...
 A close up of Rookie dancing...
 Here he comes!
 ...Then Rookie waddled through the Town and into the snow forts for a snowballfight!
...Rookie was amazed at all the penguins!
 ...Rookie said we should team up for the snowball fight.
 Hello Everyone! Rookie swapped sides :)
 Rookie Team is over there!
 ...Close up! Oops I traded sides! It's Rookie...
 Super Close Up ~ Rookie is RIGHT next to me :)
 Rookie continued through the Plaza and to the Forest :) We all told jokes to him.
 Wow! What a crowd ~ can you spot Rookie in these pictures?
 Another close up! Rookie said that the circus was awesome and I'm right next to him again.
 Welcome to the Puffle Circus. Penguins spotted them after searching for years...
 Wow! Rookie is very famous ~ everybody seems to be following him.
A guy asked for penguins to spot talking so they could see Rookie. I agree ~ it was very hard to find him and his playercard.
 Another close up! Me and Rookie together ~ here comes the brown puffle!
 We played a game a bit like Simon says called Rookie says. I've played this game with Cadence and Rockhopper!
 Rookie says...
 Whoops! I got it wrong ~ he tricked me...
 Rookie says go mad! All the penguins put there maddest face on ~ they all look the same...
 MAD MAD MAD! Penguins were going crazy!
 Throw a snowball at me! Hmm, I threw one without thinking.
 Teehee! He tricked me, but then he forgot the rules! Lets play again...
 Cluck like a chicken ~ I was the only one who did ~ he never said Rookie says...
 ...SIT! Everybody sat down immediatly.
 Then, penguins crowded Rookie in the corner.
 Lets play you say! I have no idea what that game is...
 Rookie spotted a clown and found somewhere to hide...
 Behind a rock! Oh no, the clown is going to juggle! FARTS...
 NOOO! It's juggling ~ we all HATE clowns.
 There we go! The perfect hiding spot in the corner.
Sadly, Rookie moved to the Iceberg which was full and then left the server. It was fun to meet him again! Did you see Rookie today on server crunch? I don't think he did much wrong ~ there's no disaster at the fair yet...we'll just have to wait and see :) 

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