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Music Jam Season Day 10

Today for the Music Jam Season, I wanted to do something different. The music today is unknown, as nobody knows what the name of the song is. It is releated to Club Penguin, as usual but I'm asking YOU, to come up with the most creative name for this peice of music. Just post your answer in a comment below and if you have an awesome idea that I like, then a coin code or a membership could be yours! The comments will be published after a few days so everybody in different time zones has a chance to enter. Good Luck!

Tune Of The Day 10: Unknown Music


  1. This music sounds cool :) I think it should be called Arcade Jam because it sounds a bit like an arcade game :)

  2. April Fools Techno

    or something like that

  3. I think it should be called Arcade Mixture because it sounds like the Thin Ice music which is an arcade with a little mixture of something! My email is if i win anything! =) Love the music

  4. It's from the April Fools party at the Dance/Night Club.


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