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Club Penguin Igloo Contest Winners Rare Items

As the Club Penguin Times issue stated, the penguins who won the Igloo Contest would recieve some free rare items! Unfortunatly, these are not as rare as I thought because I have four of them already, but the Moose Head I certainly haven't got!
The Bird Cage is an old and rare item from the Pet Shop a few years ago. I have this cage in my inventory but the bird never seems to speak or do anything.
 The Rockhopper Portrait could be found from Rockhopper's Rare Items! It is perfect for when decorating a pirate igloo, I sometimes hang mine on the wall next to my fireplace if you have seen it in one of my igloo pictures.
 ...This lamp is from the Coffee Shop but I have never seen it as an igloo item! This would be perfect to brighten up my igloo...
 My turtle never seems to move or grow, I think he is just plastic but he's sure to be your best friend!
 The sofa is another one of my rarest items. I wonder why it isn't as comfortable as it was back in 2008.
 ...This chair, I did not get as I didn't have the coins to buy it! If only I had of played Cart Surfer that day...
Big thanks to Trainman1405 and Club Penguin Wiki for the images and names of the items!

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