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Puffle Digging Is Here!

Puffles can now dig coins! Read this post for more information on "Puffle Digging"
A few weeks ago, it seemed that nobody was walking their puffles. Why? Because there was no point. It wasn't fun, and it was just an extra thing to carry around with you. However, Club Penguin thought about this and eventually decided to give us rewards for walking our puffles! But it's not as easy as walking your puffle and getting 1,000 coins - it's much harder!
To do this, you've gotta be patient. Just waddle around all the rooms and eventually your puffle will dig up some coins at some point! There's also 5 activity stamps for this, so make sure you earn them all :)

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  1. Your Puffle Page on your sidebar needs updating! Flare is a boy, Rainbow Puff Puffs and Puffle Digging!!!


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