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Club Penguin Puffle Party Login Screens

Because of VERY slow loading, I have not been able to login to Club Penguin! Finally, after days of trying I STILL CANNOT LOGIN! Therefore I cannot blog about the Puffle Catalog or Newspaper! I can view the login screens, so check out this awesome one with the brown and black puffle talking. Umm, weirdz! I know right! You can see puffles playing in the background at the Spa :D
A purple puffle is worried about her fabulous hair! While a mischievous orange puffle jumps into the swimming pool! The yellow and the pink puffle are messing around acting like puffles.
 The orange puffle farts while jumping into the swimming pool. Some find it amusing but the Purple Puffle doesn't! While another purple puffle and white puffle are thinking that flippers are so last week, XD!
...I love them login screens! It is such a shame that I can't login to Club Penguin, I hope my puffles are alright :D

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  1. Hey Echo006, sorry for this random question but can you tell me how to do the sliding text?
    Best Fishes,


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