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Let's Save The Pizza Parlor

Like I posted earlier, the Pizza Parlor music has changed and I really don't like it. I did say that the room needed an update, but the music has gone way too far. Lebron Jr 23 totally agrees, and if you would like the Pizza Parlor's music to stay, then copy this post and tell everyone :) This is the post from Lebron...
Hey penguins. As you may or may not have known, Club Penguin has changed some rooms in Club Penguin. One of them, happening to be the Pizza Parlor. Although, I do think that the room was in much need of a face lift and I think that the new room looks phenomenal! But, I am not crazy about everything that is going on. I have been playing Club Penguin for over 6 years! Logging onto Club Penguin always reminds me of great times growing up because a lot of the game is still the same as when I first started. But, one thing recently struck a sensitive nerve for me. Club Penguin changed the music located inside of the Pizza Parlor!
Jokes aside, this is a serious concern for me. The continuing growth of Club Penguin is very important and new things are essential, but we are losing all of the preserved history that still remains in Club Penguin! Not much is left except for some of the classic music. The only reason Club Penguin is doing this is because they are trying to appeal to new users and get more members. BUT, if they truly care about US, they will listen to us. They say our voice matters, let them prove it. THIS IS OUR GAME TO PLAY. We can change this and fix this horrible situation. Change the rooms, change our friends list, change how our penguins look on the playercard, but DO NOT change ALL of our music. At least give us the Pizza Parlor music. Is that too much to ask?!
I am very open to change. I just want ONE thing to stay the same. The Pizza Parlor represents a special place in Club Penguin history. It is a place where people go to have fun, hang with friends, and enjoy a slice of pizza. It's soothing yet cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place to still represent old Club Penguin. And trust me, there is a reason "Old" Club Penguin was so good! I would even go as far as to say that the Pizza Parlor music IS THE CLUB PENGUIN THEME SONG. That song represents Club Penguin in every way possible. Music change is nothing new to me thouh. Club Penguin has changed important music for me all the time and I have gone quietly into the night. Not saying a peep. They have changed the music to Ballistic Biscuit, Bean Counters, got rid of Dance Mix 1 and even the music in my OWN igloo! I have a tradition where I play Christmas music year around in my igloo. When Club Penguin did the big igloo update, that music was removed from my igloo. After 3 years of tradition! So why do I want this so bad? Because, I think it's important to a lot of people! Why don't we just change the room and keep the old music? Music hits a very special sense in every person and I think that music holds a special place in every persons heart. Even more so than "visuals". Music evokes special memories and good times. Let's do the right thing Club Penguin. Let's update things, but let's at least keep the Pizza Parlor music. From all of us in the Club Penguin community, PLEASE! I have been quiet on all other occasions, for this one, I am going to stand up as a whole for the community. We need this!
As you will notice, the Pizza Parlor music is playing right now on the blog and I take pride in that! If Club Penguin continues doing things of this nature, I have to be honest with you, I'm kind of on the verge of quitting. I just want at least a statement from Club Penguin so I know they heard our voice. If they ignore us when there is an obvious demand for the old music, I may have to move on from Club Penguin everyone. I don't want to do it, but I have a feeling they will hear OUR VOICE!
If you would like to help the cause, send an email to Club Penguin telling them you want the old pizza parlor music and why it means so much to you. Also, if you are using Twitter, you can send tweets to Club Penguin, Polo Field and BusinesMoose. Really explain to them how much the old music means to you! Also, put the hashtag #SaveThePizzaParlor at the end of every single tweet you make! Another thing, put this post on your blog. Spread the word! Let's do this for players everywhere. We are the Club Penguin community, and it's time we take a stand! :)

- Lebron Jr 23
So, do you agree or do you love the new changes?

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