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Club Penguin Medieval Party Quest #3 Guide and Walkthrough

Why have I posted the quests guide, when the Medieval Party isn't on yet? Because, I am preparing for the party, if you know how to complete the quests BEFORE the party you will be sure to be excellent when you complete them in two weeks time. I will post the links to the quest guides when the party starts.
Once completed Quest #2, you can now enter the third gate where you will have to challenge three different hydra dragons and get through the Puzzles. You will arrive in a room where you will play a game. Keep your eye on two colours, blue and red. When they change keep watching them. If it asks for yellow, just click on the one that isn't red or blue! If it is too fast, just have a guess and hope for luck!
When in here, you must step on the bottom-left circle, then step on the bottom-right one and then step on the top-left circle one. You should now be across the bridges. If you want to expermiment, try other ways and getting stuck! It's perfect for a roleplay...
 The hall of hints is how to get the information to defeat the hydra dragons! If you can't understand the hints, don't worry! I have all the knowledge of these three dragons.
 When you enter the room, a bridge will break and three dragons will come up. They will start to attack, so just stay calm and try and avoid them with the tips below...
(I have not inverted these pictures because the colours are different inverted.) BLUE: The Blue Hydra dragon will freeze you! When a platform lights up blue, move to another one otherwise you will be stuck! When the lava bucket comes across the blue dragons head, tip it over him to defeat him!
 Yellow: This dragon is quite easy, when the platform lights up yellow stand on it with your shield and armour and then it will reflect back onto the dragon! Easy...
 RED: The red dragon is certainly one to avoid! Make sure to throw snowballs at this dragon to defeat it! Be careful, when the platform lights up red avoid it as quick as you can, otherwise you will have to start all over again!
 Once all three dragons are defeated, you can now cross the bridge and enter the beautiful room. Don't forget to collect your prize! You never know when these dragons might pop up again! They could even be captured and Herbert could control them, yup that really did happen last year :)

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