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Club Penguin Medieval Party Quest #1 Guide and Walkthrough

There have been rumours that Club Penguin have made Quest #4 for the Medieval Party. Defeat the Dragon King, Scorn. But first, you'll need help on completing the first Quest if you haven't already. Enter the gate to the quest room. Credit to Club Penguin Wiki for the unavailable rooms which I couldn't find in Club Penguin's files on my own.  Please note that these pictures were all taken from Club Penguin Files by either me or Club Penguin Wiki. The inverted coloured pictures belong to me.
...This picture was available from the Club Penguin Blog last year, it showed the three quests. How do you think they will be able to fit ANOTHER door in that cave? Step into Quest I...
File:Peek Quest.jpg
You will be in a room with a few orbs around you. All you have to do is waddle to them to light them up. Be careful, you will need to be quick and steady. Stand on the platforms and the orb will light up.
In the next room, you have to hit 50 targets with some snowballs. The easiest way to do this, is to hold down the button T on your keyboard and then rapidly click with your mouse at the targets. Don't forget to pick up your free item!
...Now you will face the maze. It is quite simple, but don't get lost! Here are the instructions to get through the maze without getting lost.
~Down Left Down Right Right Up
 ...Once you have completed the maze you will succesfully be rewarded with a prize. Congratulations!

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