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The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ The Search

The puffles were on the other side of the lake. We would never be able to cross it, so we had to waddle down to the river nearby. After that, we jumped over and then began to explore the area. We all split up and I was left exploring some bushes with Polo Field, on the other side of the river. He kept on searching while I sniffed the air. Something had been here - we were going in the right direction. We carried on moving, not knowing what the others were up to. They were also exploring, some ahead, some behind and some searching in the middle of the mysterious forest. We had to find those rainbow puffles, and discover if there were any more. Suddenly, we appeared in a maze of corn and I recognised the area. We decided to jump back over the river using a wooden plank that we had found. The others were still searching.
Bubsey, Airplane and Brownie caught up with us and we saw it. There they were, making their way into the corn maze. If we lost them now, then we wouldn't ever find them again. Perapin called out to us, and Cliky Minty followed behind. I could see flippers waving in the distance and realised that it must be Pizzapuffy and Pen Que. Quickly, we waddled through the corn maze to find them, in hopes that the rainbow puffles would be somewhere here as well. Once we found the other penguins, Polo Field asked something.
"Have you found the rainbow puffles?"
"No, sorry. But we did here some noises coming from that direction." Pen Que said, pointing East.
"Let's carry on moving and split up again, ok?" I said and everybody agreed and split up into different groups of twos and threes. I ended up being with Cliky Minty and Perapin, the kindest penguins in the group. They whistled softly and it caught the attention of the puffles and they slowly bounced towards us.
"What food do they like?" Minty asked.
"Um, O-Berries!" replied Perapin, grabbing some from his pockets. The rainbow puffles bounced over to us, and I snapped a picture with my gadget. We had found them, and had proof!

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