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Puffle Party 2013 Fact File

Echo006: Here's the Puffle Hotel Fact File! First, we'll answer some questions...

Is Hotel Puffle is permanent? Yes. The hotel will remain after the Puffle Party. You can get a bite or swim on the roof with your puffle whenever you want!
Are we able to adopt rainbow puffles after the party? Absolutely. You can continue to adopt these new puffles majestic and magical when the party is over, at the Pet Shop.
The rainbow puffle is only for members? Yes, it is. After completing the quest for the rainbow puffles, members can propel themselves through the clouds and adopt a puffle rainbow sky. Other players can pamper their red and blue puffles in Puffle Hotel or even work to earn coins!
Does PH come for the party? Of course! PH will be there for the opening of the Hotel Puffle. She will help you to become experts and also help find the rainbow puffles!

Where and when PH comes? For the moment I do not know the exact dates of her visits. But I know she will spend much time at the hotel. There will also be many arranged meetups too, if you're lucky enough to get hold of any of them!

Next - here's what is happening!

The Puffle Party will start in a few hours. The puffle hotel will be built, and all penguins can enter the hotel. There is a lobby, spa, gym and a rooftop! Remember, it will reach the clouds! All penguins will be asked to do four different challenges before adopting the rainbow puffle from the cannon. Members will be rewaded with coins, and items, however non-members will only earn coins. After you have completed the 4 challenges (which will include running at the gym, and all sorts), you will earn a bag of o-berries and then become a Puffle Expert. Travel up to the rooftop, launch in the cannon, and enter the special party room - THE CLOUD FOREST!

After you've pampered your rainbow puffle, you'll discover that it can fart mysterious purple stuff and you can figure out it's favourite activities, and what it does when it dances! Take it home, walk it, put a hat on it. There are so many options - remember to watch it have a bath, and see what happens when you brush its hair! But the most important thing is - after receiving a new puffle, NEVER ever forget your old puffles.

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