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The Magnificent Tree ~ My Stories and Adventures

I have created a new story, about my puffles and myself. We have found a magical tree and I am keeping it in my igloo, there's only one problem. The puffles are trying there best to destory it! I've got to stop them, but I have no idea how :)
I've been so busy lately, that I haven't blogged for a whole weekend! I have been very busy defeating dragons and waddling around having fun that I forgot to visit my puffles. This means that they have had no food to eat at all! Look, I have got 2 messages from my puffles :)

...Oh no! They have had no food to eat, so they must of decided to eat all the leaves from my tree! What a shame, it was blooming very nicely. I guess I will have to wait until summer...
 ...WAIT! I left MORE plants out, my beanstalk looks terrible! I shouldn't of left my puffles for this long.
To Be Continued...

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