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Echo006's Big Screen TV Igloo

With the new catalog out now, I thought I'd do something different with the furniture items. I decided to grab the paw prints from the clearence sale, some lamp posts from Christmas and also the Big Screen TV! Then, I set to work on creating a scene on the TV. I decided to buy the front of the houses from the Christmas catalog, which gave me my house. I added paw prints at the start, and then the fire. After the fire, I added details to the outside of the house like a manhole, trees and other things. I added chemicals inside the house to make it look like that was what caused the explosion. Can you figure out who did the crime?
I've added lots of seats, comfortable and wooden! The puffles seem to like it. So, any guesses on who did the actual crime? Was it Herbert? Was it the Zebra? Was it a puffle? Was it the chemicals? Let me know in a comment below. I'd love to hear your answers!

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