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My Favourite Hangout Place: Backstage

My favourite place to hangout on Club Penguin has to be Backstage. For a start, it was the first ever member room I had ever been to in my Club Penguin life. Next, it has some really cool instruments in it. And last but not least, Cadence and the Penguin Band come here quite often. It's nice and peaceful in this room. You don't have to be bothered by penguins who aren't members. Backstage appeared in 4 different years: 2008-2011 but sadly it didn't return in 2012 because of the Ultimate Jam with CeCe and Rocky.
 The items in this room remind me of the backstage for the Penguin Play Awards. I love the orange couch, and the water bottle machine. The chocolate fountain is amazing, and the little details on the dressing tables are what makes it so special to me. Also, I love the fact that you have to buy the Backstage Pass to get into the room. I love this item...
...The sparkling lights make me feel at home. The speakers and the TV Screen represent the modern technology. The postsers hung up on the wall and the chairs make it feel like a wonderful atmosphere. This is what I hope will be at the Hollywood Party, just with different items.

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