There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Bakery

Members, you can accsess a room called The Bakery! To bake cookies you will need to stand on a green square. Then a  target will appear. Make a snowball and throw it at the target!
Then you can move to the next rectangle and another target will appear. You will have to do this three times. It is better to have two friends to help out. You can each stand on a rectangle and keep on throwing snowballs at the targets. Teamwork always helps! Don't forget to pick up your uniform...
Once you have your uniform on, you are ready to serve your cookies. Simply put just the uniform on and dance near the table. A plate will appear with cookies on for your hungry customers. Remember to check how many cookies you have made with the Cookie Count!

What is your highscore? Mine is 72 cookies! Keep baking :)

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