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Ghost Glitches

If you explore the Ghost Lab, you will see penguins doing all sorts of funny dances with no clothes on! How is this possible? Why does everybody know how? Saraapril told everybody on her blog ~ and now everybody is doing this awesome glitch. Simply stand in the Ghost Lab, wearing only one item that does a dance move. Before the ghost machine starts up ~ click the d button on your keyboard and then wait to turn into a ghost. When you're out, you should be doing an invisible dance! Three penguins have been very busy making lots of dances and glitches. Check them out:
 So, obviously, as you can see there are tons of different dances to try. Look ~ one penguin is wearing their clothes on top of their clones! You can try all sorts of experimenting and join in the fun. Penguins don't ever want this glitch to end ;) All because of Saraapril ~ there's endless hours of fun!


  1. Good afternoon Echo,
    I would just like to say...
    How to you make a slide show on your blog and what HTML do you use to get the 'play now' widgets, ninja and EPF?
    please reply on my blog at:
    or email me at:
    -Cliky Minty :)

  2. I just seen this pic now and omg there I am!!!!!!! Echo I was too busy glitching to reliese you where there!!! Sorry but thank you!

    ~Tyranitar458. :,D

  3. Lol, no worries. It was hilarious having you in the background :D


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