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Halloween Funny Pictures

It's that time of year. When there's a huge party on Club Penguin, there's always going to be Funny Pictures! Remember, if you copy any of these pictures on this blog then your website will be shut down and banned for plagrism. Copying is ILLEGAL, and it has been done by some penguins you have full trust in. The internet's a big place, full of different people. Most are nice, but who would want to copy my pictures anyway? Hmm, I could think of a few names. Check out the Funny Pictures page for more funny things!
It's because you're a ghost, why did you enter the costume show?
 Yeah, but how are you going to get back to the island?
 Considering the mountain is higher than the clouds, yes.
Poor hobo.
Oh wow, you're right. It's like a Tardis. And you'll never go hungry.
 Just fly up, you're a ghost.
Go in the Haunted Mansion! What's going to happen, you're already dead.
 Well, your ghost might die, but that doesn't matter.
 Don't call him that! Just because you're a ghost, doesn't mean. Oh I give up.
  Some more advice - Ghosts stink.
No, you killed yourself.
That's not how the story goes.

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