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Polo Field and Puffles

Yes, I was so close to meetingPolo Field. Well, I was in the same room as him, for a few seconds! He was at the Puffle Play Zone, as a green puffle - unless my eyes were playing tricks on me! He is my friend, but I rarely see him anyway. Now I've gone and done it. I've met Spike Hike, Businesmoose and Polo Field! That's all three, but moose is leaving.

Yes, it's the rainbow puffle!
 ...I love the excitement when you meet a famous penguin (Moderators or characters). I'm hoping to get a new Rainbow Puffle when my tasks start to work. I don't like having an odd number of puffles. 11 just doesn't sound right. I'll call him Sparkle. Rainbow and Sparkle - a nice pair, don't you think? HINT: They're both servers. Plus, I've got some new editions: Chocolate and Pizza HINT: They're both food ;)

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