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I Met The Puffle Handler

Finally, after I found out that PH was on Mammoth, I quickly jumped on the Server and discovered that she was at the Ski Village. The best place to look next? The Dock! I headed over there and waited about a minute. Next thing I know, I have 274 stamps not 273! PH is in the room somewhere, but there's also a big crowd in the middle of the room. I wait until there's some speech so I know where she is (ever since Club Penguin disabled the ability to see whoever was in the room, it's harder than before) and then click on her! There she is. I wonder which button to click first. Add, or background? I remember my mistake with Rockhopper at the Dock back at the Holiday Party. I had managed to click on him, then a message came up, I thought it was asking for his background, but it was for the Hydro Hopper, and I clicked yes. This couldn't happen again. Now was the moment. If I got her background, and didn't add her, I would never see her background again. Adding her first - if the background didn't work, I'd get it later.
Quickly, I left to go to my normal life, not the virtual life, and this morning, I discovered that she'd added me and I had her background! Amazing! PH was now my friend, forever. But I guess, that when I put her in my igloo, she was still sleeping and hadn't got dressed, or added her brown colour on. Oh well. I remember PH from early on in the game - back in the EPF DS Game, she was pink! If Rookie, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Herbert and PH are available to meet, why can't Dot and Jet Pack Guy be?

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