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My Fruity Items ~ Part 1

Hello there penguins! Wow, it's been a long time since I've made a post :) Now, the past is gone, it's done and it's dead. But you can still remember it ~ just try to remember the good parts not the bad parts. So we can forget about what has happened and start fresh! Now ~ the moment of truth awaits us. It is time to find out what items I have got in the first part of my fruity items! I'm entering the code (it can only be used once so don't bother trying)
I've unlocked this kiwi costume and a kiwi background! Also, I have the apple chair to sit on. It's a good chair to have as it's one of a few chairs that actually fit our penguins since we grew bigger when we were in our homes due to puffle hats making puffles look the same size as us.

 I also unlocked some strawberry glasses, a fruity background and a couch of some sort of fruit which I don't know what is.
 Here's me in my kiwi costume! My puffles tried to bite a part of me off.
At the moment, I'm just testing a few images and the brightness and developing them. Do you think they look good? Anything you want to add or change to them? Here's me and my strawberry glasses. Don't see what use they are!

Soon to come, more fruity items as I have a code in the cupboard at the moment! Three cheers for Penguiin23 for adding this awesome theme and posting some epic posts while I was away. Plus, thanks to Disney175 for her brilliant artwork!

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