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Goodbye Rockhopper ~ Welcome home Rookie

Rockhopper hasn't been here since Febuary! Thats unlike him ~ I wonder what he found while he was away. Anyway, this year (as stated in the newspaper) Rookie is going to be hosting the Fair. Rookie was here in January, April and now Septemember! Rockhopper has been here twice so far and will return as usual for Christmas. That's three times we have been able to meet them both this year! But...

...However if they both have been seen on the island 3 times this year, why is Rockhopper's stamp easier to get thank Rookie's? Is it because Rookie doesn't show himself as often at the party than Rockhopper? I'm not too sure, but I think Rookie's stamp should be blue as it isn't extremely hard to meet him. The Penguin Band only visit once a year and Sensei may do twice. Aunt Arctic has been spotted quite a few times reporting the news at the Super Hero Party and I'm sure she will in October...

What do you think about these characters? I'm sure Rookie will mess everything up like last time. Hence the name, "Rookie"

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