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FREE Giveaway - Round 3

UPDATE: Perapin and Penguiin23 have won the competition! Thanks to everyone who entered, I now have 10,000 hits! :D
I have now officially reached 10,000 hits! Once you have completed Round 2 of the free giveaway, I will put the penguins name who got the answers all right in a hat! Then the winner will be announced and will receive a FREE 7 Day Membership! But first you will have to complete the Spot The Difference challenge! 
Here is the Fashion Show with the differences. Take a close look, colours have been changed, things have been removed and chairs have disappeared. There are alot of differences so try to find atleast 15 to be sure to win. The more you find, the better chance you will get the prize! NOTE: You must have completed Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 and you must have been told by me that you are through to the next round.
This is the last round and I wish you all good luck! There will also be a runner-up prize of a Card-Jitsu Code! Thanks for the 10,000 hits, penguins! Waddle on...


  1. different spotlight colors
    runway is different colors
    computer is different
    table with sowing machine is different
    thing on wall on top of the big chair is different
    chairs are taken away
    "Fashion Show" wall poster is different
    exit sign on top of door is different color
    lights on runway are different
    the small staircase behind the runway is different
    the catalogs on the bottom right are taken away

  2. Colours changed, Penguin next FASHION SHOW sign changed, There is no word SHOW in FASHION SHOW, Chairs dissapeard, buttons on computer dissapeared, picture in backstage changed, colors on stage changed, camera in picture 2 is ON, left photo camera is missing, EXIT sign colour changed, roof colour changed, shirt and pants colour changed, machine in backstage colour changed.

  3. distorted color desk
    floor color and wall color
    frame fill in to the color red
    catalog disappearance
    poster shade
    lights shining down
    random colors on the beem on ceiling
    floor lighting


  4. 1. The backstage ceiling is orange
    2. The Fashion Show ceiling is purple
    3. The chairs are gone
    4. 1 camera is gone
    5. The sewing table is inverted
    6. The 4 lights are orange
    7. The main light is green
    8. The penguin on the sign changed
    9. "Show" is missing
    10. The picture at the backstage is red
    11. The wall is purple
    12. The wall is half purple
    13. The exit sign is red
    14. The bottom lights are pink
    15. Green stripe across the runway
    16. Blue stripe on the 1st light from the left
    17. Green stripe on the 2nd light from the left
    18. Red stripe on the 3rd light from the left
    19. Blue stripe on the control box
    20. The stairs are purple
    21. A shadow in backstage is missing
    22. The light on the camera is one
    23. The treasure book is missing
    24. The Penguin Style Catalog is missing
    25. Purple stripe on the border
    26. On the far left side, the shirt is black
    27. Another shirt is black
    28. Purple stripe on the green shirt

    That's all I can find!

  5. Echo, on your latest update, it says that the Hall of Viking Lords is an island. Actually, it's a special room on Shipwreck Island. The 3rd island is Swashbuckler Trading Post. Just to let you know...

  6. OK, here I go!:
    1. The table where penguins knit has different colors!
    2. The painting has different colors!
    3. The roof on the left has different colors!
    4. The word "Show" is missing!
    5. The penguin on the "Fashion Show" sign is different!
    6. Treasure Book and Penguin Style Catalogs are missing!
    7. The runway line color is different!
    8. The chairs are missing!
    9. The roof on the right has different colors!
    10. The walls surrounding the Fashion Show colors are different!
    11. The brighness on the down left corner is changed!
    12. Some clothings of the clothing racks are different!
    13. The lights surrounding the runway is changed from green to purple!
    14. The lights aboce the runway colors are also changed!
    15. The color above the circle of the runway is different!
    16. The brown thing where penguins go to walk on the runway is changed from brown to lavender!
    17. The buttons by the computer are removed!
    18. When the colors above the runway shine on the walls they change colors!
    19. The square above the exit door color is changed!
    20. The wall side color is changed from purple to grey!
    21. One of the two lights next to the runway is removed!
    Thats everything I can find, as I said in the rounds before BEST FISHES TO YOU AND ME!
    Founder and writer of Club Penguin News Today

  7. 1. Chairs have disappeared
    2. The color of the sewing machine has changed
    3. The color of the runaway floor changed also
    4. The color of the wall frame becomes color red in the left side of the room
    5. One of the clothes becomes red also in the left side of the room
    6. The color of the roof become orange
    7. The color of the roof becomes violet
    8. The color of the wall becomes violet also
    9. The Fashion Show wall frame in the middle of the room has changed
    10. The word "Show" has been remove in the Fashion Show" wall frame in the middle of the room.
    11. The exit sign becomes red
    12. The catalogs have disappeared
    13. One camera has been removed
    14. The color of the buttons on the television becomes blue
    15. The color of the runaway floor at the end becomes violet
    16. There a green line added on runaway floor
    17. The wall has a blue box shaped color
    18. The wall has a yellow box shaped color
    19. And the wall has a red box shaped also
    20. And the floor in the left side of the room become all color white.

    My email is
    I already completed round 1, 2, and 3 just check the comments and publish it. Hope I win the membership. Thanks again. =)

  8. 1. U deleted all chairs for the crowd ( penguins) to sit on to watch the fashoin show :)
    2. U did sometinge with painting at the backstage ( dress room )
    3.The lightcolors are different.
    4. The catwalk , that stripe is collored different. ( srr for my english but im dutch :) )
    5. At the backstage u changed the color of that small machine ( u can fix clothets with it )
    6. u changed the picture of the penguin at the window ( that windows is near the door :) )
    7. There is 1 camera missing ( cammera , i don't know how to spell that ) .
    8. The 2 clothes are missing to ( the cloting catalog and the Treasure book is mission to .
    9. At the backstage, u changed the wood color from Brown to purple.
    10. U deleted the shadow of the clothed carring thing :)
    11. On the computer, u deleted all 4 buttons ( the 4 buttons to change the lightcolors :) )
    12. U changed the color of the EXIT sign :)
    13. In the backstage u changed the sealing color and on the other side of the room u changed the sealing and the wall color :).
    14.At the backstage, u change a cloting color, it was Grey but u changed it into RED :)
    15. At the Right side of the room ( near the door ) there is a wall with a Girl penguin, but on that wall there are strange lines =D .
    16.In the middle of the room between the computer and that cloting machine, there is a long white line .

    Ok , this was everyting i could find :) i hope my answers are good , and Waddle on :)

  9. Blue-Purple stairs, inverted colored knitting clothes desk, Blue keyboard, one missing camera, the audience's chairs, purple wall, green, red, blue blocks on the wall, red mirror, changed penguin in the poster, Fashion Show's "SHOW" is missing, purple lights instead of green ones, Exit sign red,green walkway,Orange ceiling,Orange spot on the shirt, Purple spot on the shirt,red spot on shirt, Green main light, yellow walkway lights and switched colours Backstage floor:) I hope I win!

  10. 1) Ceiling is Orange

    2) Red Picture behind the Hair Dressing Chair

    3) A purple contrasted wall on the right

    4) Sowing desk is in inverted colors

    5) Pink lights on the catwalk instead of green

    6) Green light for the rounded part of the catwalk instead of a blue light

    7) Blue on top of the Fashion Show picture on the wall

    8) Red on top of the Fashion Show picture on the wall

    9) Lime on top of the Fashion Show picture on the wall

    10) The text 'show' removed from the Fashion Show picture on the wall

    11) Different penguin displayed of the Fashion Show picture on the wall :)

    12) No chairs

    13) Catalogs missing

    14) Exit light sign turned to orange

    15) Dark Green instead of a pale pink for part of the runway floor

    16) Blue on Lights Operating Desk

    17) Purple steps behind the catwalk backstage

    18) Purple contrasted wall around the Fashion Show picture and door

    19) Purple contrasted color for the ceiling instead of a darker one

    20) Less shadow around the left of the backstage near the clothing and sowing desk

    21) One camera is missing

    22) Grey instead of dark purple color for the side of the wall between the backstage and the catwalk, and it is the side that penguins cannot see if in eye view

    I enjoyed this fun games! =D Thanks for letting me participate Echo, you are an awesome friend :)

    From You Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  11. Hey Echo006,
    Just to let you know my name is Penguiin23, dont you notice the TWO Is.

  12. It's so unfair. First of all Perapin is famous but that's not mean he will win. Second is penguiin23 always want a code in the comments so that's unfair. She spammed your comments with a begging comments not the answers for the contest. They've become a member once but me, I never had a chance to become a member once. Hope you're reading this.

  13. Dear Mr.Lebron2423,
    Please let people know that I do NOT tell people to give me codes on comments! You have just made me feel very sad. I do fair, this is actually the first membership i have gotten in a contest, please do not talk about stuff that you don't know. It is not my fault that i used to work at the Club Penguin Wiki! Hope you send this message to Lebron2423 Echo006!
    Best Fishes,


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