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What To Wear?

I'm still thinking of what to wear at Rockhopper's Quest. Should I stay in my new Fashion Show Outfit...
...or should I be a rabbit bird? I have so many items, which would suit this party best?
 A pirate would be good, because Rockhopper is a pirate.
 Or maybe just my casual hair and a red top with blue shoes...
 or maybe a caveman viking from the new play, Vikings That Time Forgot...
 ...Dragons would be just as good as dinosaurs. (Shh, we're going to Dinosaur Island)
 Or a slow snail who can't even run a mile!
 Whatever I wear, I know I'll like it because my closet is full of awesome items. Maybe just a basic hoodie?
 Or maybe the Mysterious Ninja. Nope, not a good idea!
 Instead I could reach for the sky in a christmas rocket! Wow, my imagination is going wild!
Whatever I choose for the party, It will surely be a magnificent outfit...

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