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Music Jam Season Day 2

Today is Day 2 of Music Jam Season! 1aredrocka1 asked for some Adventure Party Music as we will be going on an adventure on February 24th! I searched for some and found this awesome Adventure Party tune. You can listen to these tunes while playing Club Penguin, too! Just mute the music on Club Penguin and have the Adventure Jam playing in another tab. NOTE: All that will show is a white screen, just turn your volume up and you will hear the music.

Tune Of The Day 2: Adventure Jam


  1. Dude, thank you for accepting my request! You rock!

  2. It's 1aredrocka1, not 1aredrocka. Just to let you know...

  3. Hey Echo006,
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, in honor of that I want to add a banner from your site but since you don't have one can you make one? If you don't know where to make one here is a free banner maker(but comes with watermark!):


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