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Funny Pictures - Special Edition

Has someone tickled your funny bone? No, didn't think so. Well, anyway... I haven't made any funny pictures since October 25th 2012. Mainly because Operation Blackout wasn't funny enough, and I'd already made christmas funny pictures in 2011. And now that the Prehistoric Party has come, I'm not making any of those either. There's nothing funny about dinosaurs, is there? Plus, currently our designer Penguiin23 is updating the pictures to take away the "lag" from them. He'll make these pictures into pictures just like the ones on the Funny Pictures page. Go check em out! Anyway, I haven't taken many photos of the upgraded rooms to be funny either. And even that, not all the pictures actually make you laugh. You just call them "funny pictures" when they're really just some pictures of you doing funny stuff in CP. I decided that I'd do a special edition of these "funny" pictures. Something that looks like it's been edited but really it hasn't. Yes, you name it, flying pictures! But it's just so annoying when other people just come along and copy it. By the way, that's illegal. The pictures have been uploaded by Tinypic (only because the upload button isn't working) Note: Captions are underneath the picture.
...In your dreams.

...The same way you got up. DUH
...Not for long!

...Yeah right.
...Wow, you're big!

...In fact, you're huge!


Fire = Hot
So that's how they got the noticeboard up there!

Pretty much.
Only losers fail

...You said you didn't need one to fly.

You're lazy.

...You're not meant to see out.

They're not yours!

...That's not what you're meant to do with it.
Stop getting stuck in things!

Serves you right.

Who cares.

Hope you liked them :) 

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