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The Ninja That Knew Far Better Than That

To read the first part of this time travelling story, click here!
The whole island was dead. Everybody had left. It was deserted. It would never be inhabited again, but the Ninja knew far better than that. He was the mysterious ninja. A very evil villain, who seems to have a liking for underground tunnels. He managed to get tangled up in the past before, with an enemy named Echo who sadly died. But that never happened. Because the ninja changed the future. He made sure that something would happen, so that no penguins would of ever lived. He would, of course live, as he had come from a different species and a different place. Now his plan was working. He been dreaming of this for years. He had made blueprints, and tried to dig a whole in the Plaza of Club Penguin, yet that didn't work. Some pesky penguin foiled his plans, so therefore he was going to get revenge. A vengeful ninja strolled casually down to his underground base. He fed his yellow puffle and then disappeared. He gazed at the lava covering this island. It had killed everyone. But the ninja knew far better than that. He snapped his fingers and the lava magically ran away. The ninja walked to the nearest restraunt and grabbed whatever he could find for this yellow puffle, and the many more that had been pufflenapped by him....Then the ninja began to start his work. This project was huge, and it had to be finished very soon. If not, then the whole plan would fail. The drilling started first. A giant hole in the middle of the island.

...So far, everything was going to plan. The hole had been dug very deep, in the middle so it wouldn't get flooded. The next part of the plan was the hardest. One by one, he had to drop the puffles into the hole, making sure they didn't get hurt. They had no idea of what was about to happen to them. After a few hours, the 54729 puffles had been dropped into the hole. Then it was covered back up. They were down there, at the bottom of the island, alone. But the plan was deadly. At the moment, all the penguins had been transported down to the bottom of island, unconcious. With them out of the way, the ninja could rule the island. Everything had been an illusion, just to get Echo and Eagle away. With that done, the ninja secretly headed to the future and made another simple illusuion. Now all the penguins were at the bottom of the island. But the ninja knew far better than that...

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