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Halloween Party 2012 Has Begun!

The Halloween Party is off to a good start already. The bad news is that Billybob is leaving, so guess who is going to take over? Disney ~ oh wait, they joined ages ago and then wrecked the whole island by advertising shows on it and marvel etc you know the drill. So, let's forget about the bad news and haunt some penguins. No thanks ~ I won't be joining in, I know Cadence says they ain't here to freak you out, but they're pretty scary. I've been ill, so I would of posted a guide by now, but I guess everyone's already done it so I'll make a story instead. Ghost on ;) And don't forget to waddle by the newly redecorated Gift Shop which contains two games for another little party ~ they're going to have to rearrange they're new furniture if they want to fit that cake in. They'll be lots of posts about this halloween party over the next 11 days ~ I can assure you that there'll be 1200 posts on this blog by the end of October.

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  1. Echo, can you post a link to the guide on my blog then?:)


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