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Puffle Rescue: Sea Levels

Finally, after a few months of working out a strategic way to make my way around the Puffle Rescue sea levels, I have achieved the extreme survive 30 levels with 5 lives. In fact, I reached the level 41 before the squids electrified me! I had a total of 81585 points.
 Another technique of mine was to play the game in low quality. To do this, simply press the - or + buttons on your keyboard. This makes the game faster and less lag. Also, make sure you zoom out as far as possible so when you press the up and down keys, the screen won't keep moving up and down.
 ...I've earned 15 stamps of the 27 in Puffle Rescue. Now I just need to complete the ice levels and the cave levels!
Puffle Rescue is a wonderful way to earn coins! I earnt 23200 in one game that took about 20 minutes. It's a great way to earn coins for Coins For Change :)


  1. I never thought of that! Gives you virtual High-five.

  2. That's amazing! I'll get there one day, hopefully. I have 295 stamps but I will try to get more Puffle Rescue hard ones soon. First I have to get the one where you have to do 10 levels in 30 seconds each. :)

    ~Perapin :)


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