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Post 1062 ~ Free 7 Day Membership Code

UPDATE: The code has now been used by anonymous!
Since I'm leaving today, I'm giving away a one week membership code! Here's the instructions. You have to be quick, somebody else might've got the code before you. Only 1 penguin can use the code. (Non-Members only) You'll be able to get all the adventure party items and the fruits, decorate your igloo, get more puffles, but only for a week ;) Read more to find out what the code is, and if you have a chance of getting it.
1. To activate, go to
2. Enter your user account information
3. Use the 16 didgit code below.
4. Log in and play!
Activation Code is 1179095825419248
The race begins ~ who will get the code? I won't be able to tell when it has been used ~ but it will go very quickly depending on who looks at my blog frequently! I'll be doing more surprise giveaways at any time...


  1. Thanks I used it

  2. can you send one to please


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