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Post 1064 ~ Rockhopper and a Mighty Squid?

On my laptop, checking what's happened while I was gone. Nothing much, new pin, new field-op, new video, new furniture catalog. Hopefully someone will post about it on my blog, but if not no worries. Videos are quick and short. So I'll share this one with you, if you haven't yet seen it. Rockhopper's voice sounds so weird, just like the other characters. Sensei, Cadence, Herbert, Rockhopper. Who will be in the next short?


  1. I know the title may sound weird, but the video is AWESOME! I couldn't hear Rockhopper's voice, because my speakers are not working. But hopefully soon, my speakers will get repaired.


  2. Hmm...who will be in the next short? I'm probably thinking about THAT at school, since lots of my classmates LOVE Club Penguin, too!


    Do you like replacement teachers? I don't.

    I feel like you're my pen pal...I keep sending messages to you! LOL!

  3. Don't like replacement tchers u r a good pen pal in da virtual world leaving tommorow to go on hols luckily there's wi fi there.


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