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Funny Pictures ~ Hollywood Party

Funny pictures, I think, are more like just pictures that really aren't funny but they're cool. You might not know what I mean, but I like making these pictures. There just stupid pictures of me on Club Penguin doing stupid things, with stupid bugs and messing around. I like making them, and other penguins do too! That's why I have made some Hollywood Party funny pictures. Sure, they're not the best - what do you expect? I'm not that good at everything, but its nice to have a look at these pictures - remember to head over to the page to see more of them! The caption comes before the picture...
Echo won fattest penguin at the Awards Show!
 For decoration, obviously?
 I really have no idea...
 You don't want to know!
 No chance!
 Echo never got out of this locker, until he had his operation...
 You don't get one!
 It's not a real car, like you're not a real police guy!
 You're gonna hurt yourself...
 Echo got stuck in the spaceship, because he's so fat!
 Echo got stuck in the galaxy!

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