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Superstar ~ At The Awards Show, Again!

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26th Feb - Last night, I dreamt of my award. It was giant. Everybody was clapping. Cameras were flashing. Everybody was shouting my name, screaming for my autograph. Everybody knew me. I was famous. I was woken up by the one of my puffles nudging me alerting me that the alarm clock was broken. I was late! I checked the clock wall, and it read ten o'clock in the morning. Part 2 of the awards show had already started! Zowey, Bubsey and all my other friends must of been there. All my puffles were lined up, ready to go. I couldn't believe that I had invited them all! 20 puffles - would there be enough seats for them? That didn't matter. I had promised them, and they were coming with me. Luckily, I didn't get changed last night and I was still wearing my tux, although it was a little creased. We all rushed into the deserted limo, and the driver took us straight to the red carpet at high speed. The amount of attention I got was amazing. That was only because I was the last one there, but they all clapped and flashed cameras at me. I entered the awards show, just as Bubsey Good received his silver award. Suddenly, a thought spinned in my mind as I dreamed of getting an award...
...Then Woddylan got two awards - silver and bronze! Pingywin was next and he got two silvers. I couldn't believe that my friends were getting so many awards. It was very exciting. Next up was Zowey. She amazingly, recieved two golds and a silver. That made the crowds go wild with applauding. The guy who was handing the awards out, announced that this would be the last award. It must of be mine, I thought, unless they already handed it out. He shouted over the top of the crowds...
"Last, but not least, ladies and gentlemen is Echo006. He is awarded with three golden awards, breaking the history of awards." I walked nonchalantly towards the guy, who handed me the three trophies. I couldn't believe it, what were they for? He replied with, "For acting in three great movies, rising from the bottom to the top, becoming a well known actor. Well done!" I beamed proudly and everyone applauded. After the awards show finished, everyone had a drink and chatted to each other. My friends came over and patted me on the back, smiling.
"Well done," said Woddylan, "You really deserved that award! I've seen your acting skills!"
I just nodded, speechless. I had broken a record! My puffles ran up to me and jumped up and down. I smiled gratefully and gulped down some food from the table. Echo006 - Superstar!

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