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Echo006's Cozy Cottage

Since the Hollywood Party is now over, I decided to make a new igloo. Firstly, I got the cozy cottage out. Then, I added the mountains behind the cottage itself and the river by it. If you look carefully on the map, behind the Ski Village, you can see where my igloo location is! Next, I started with the garden - it may be small, and have no grass at all - but I could still put different items in there. I added a bridge to get across, and also a boat, along with a barbeque, a sun bathing area and koi fishes along with trees, flowers and a rubbish bin. Then I moved indoors and added the carpet - blue, to make it as cozy and as warm as possible. Because the steps down from the entrance to the main landing are wooden, I added a lime green penguin surfing beach towel on the step. Then I added a map of the old Club Penguin island onto the carpet.
...Next came the furniture. I added the mullet fish for a big feast after a long hard day of working. A sofa and a chair which is available for everyone, to make them feel more at home. I added a cupboard from Innocent Smoothies and the grandfather clock. Next, I added the storage on the upper landing with a computer and a fish tank! Down on the left, I added the desk with the black comfy chair and my favourite bear. Also, I added a secret door to where we can escape outside (just to make sure you're safe)! Next came the puffle furniture, because I wanted everybody to be a part of it. They needed food too! Last but not least, I added the wall items. The flowers above the Coins For Change sign which covers up the window (again, for safety) but it can always be taken off whenever in case the parrot wants more sunlight. Then I added the fireplace, as well as a clock so you know the time! Rockhopper's Portrait is proudly hung up, as wel as a bottle with a ship inside where you can put a message down the river, just in case! Then, I added a rainbow and a cloud representing the new member to our proud family - the rainbow puffles!

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